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mounting toolbox to bed


May 12, 2011
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purdue university
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2004 sport trac xlt
Hey everyone, looking for some advice on mounting a slim tool box to the bed of my trac. I know normally theres j bolts to mount with but since our beds are different Im confused on how to install one?

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If it's one that sits over the bed rails you can either use a couple self tapping screws on each side or remve the inner fenderwells to gain access to the underside of the bedrails to be able to install bolts and nuts.

I thought about the self tappers but will most likely bolt it down like you say. I was over thinking on how to make j bolts work on the bed. Would you recommend using just grade 5 or should I look at getting stainless bolts?

I'd use some rectangular u-bolts and have them facing up into the toolbox to keep the threads out of the weather. You can get them at any Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Kmart, etc...

yeah thats a better idea and seems more secure than using a single bolt. I'm now wondering if I should coat the u bolt with some rustoleum.

Shouldn't be too hard to find zinc plated ones. Tractor Supply has them near me. Easily found online.

I'll definitely have to make a run to menards or tractor supply for those.

I mounted a toolbox on mine and drilled holes through the side of the toolbox and screwed 2 6 x 60mm bolts into the existing threaded holes in the truck box. (6 x 65mm bolts would be ideal if you can find them. The 60mm bolts can be tough to get started because they aren't much longer than necessary.) That's 2 bolts on each side. The threaded holes probably have covers on them you'll have to pry off. If the toolbox is deep enough, you'll have to remove the tie down anchors from the bed. If the toolbox isn't that deep, you might be able to hook into the tie down anchors with J bolts through the bottom of the toolbox. Might have to flip the anchors upside down.

Others have said there aren't any toolboxes that fit a Sport Trac. Any box that fits a Ranger fits a Sport Trac. They're referred to as "mid-sized" toolboxes. Our truck beds must actually be a little wider at the top than Rangers since there is about 1 1/2" space on each side between the body of the toolbox and the side of the truck bed. Our beds taper from top to bottom, so there's not much gap at the bottom of the toolbox.
For those in central Iowa, the Dee Zee Outlet store in Des Moines sells new scratch and dent toolboxes for $50. They have various styles in both steel and aluminum.

I have a toolbox but have never had it in the bed except for the test fit the day I got it. There definitely are tool boxes that fit. I don't know the make of mine. My dad got it from somebody for free and gave it to me. I never even considered how I would mount it if I needed it someday. I like the J-hook idea.

I like the J hook idea too, but a standard depth box extends down into the bed to the bolts that attach the tie down anchor. I removed my anchors, but they might work if they're flipped over and flattened some. Our beds taper so much top to bottom the anchors are in the way. There are shallower toolboxes available.

I don't even remember how deep mine is. It's been sitting on the side of the barn since the day I got it.

I agree the j hook idea sounds good, I can't remember how deep mine is though. I'll measure it when I find time to go home from school.

I just bought a heavy duty tub to put in the bed