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Moved my AC controls!!

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Looks good from what I can tell. A rotated, bigger pic would be nice though ;)

Agreed- want to see more, but pic is too small and sideways! :)

Please try to keep these posts in one thread as they all deal with the same general area of the vehicle. Other thread deleted.

Maybe this will work

Intriguing. I, too, would like a bigger, rotated pic. Standing by..........................:popcorn:

I would love to do something like that but I have a 2000 Eddie Bauer with the oversized trip computer. Would love to yank that space hog outta there and possibly use a blutooth OBD-II setup to send all the engine data to a Android Tablet or maybe the new Samsung 5.3" Galaxy Note. That trip computer and housing is shoooo big. My Alpine 9887 with the Google note hooked up via aux and my iPhone or iPod classic ran through the iPod port. Great front end.

Like how you moved the air coontrols. I wonder how my digital a/c controls would faire?