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Moving axle forward one inch


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March 30, 2007
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91 XLT
Those of you who have moved your axle forward by adding washers or extending the threaded part of the heim, did you moved the upper coil buckets one inch forward as well making the lower coil mount in line with the upper coil mounts?

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I've never moved an axle forward, but I would guess you should move the buckets forward as well. However 1" isn't real far, so it might be ok if you don't.

Personally I'd move everything, but that's just me.

I don't think 1" is worth the trouble to move the coil tower, especially if you're running lift coils.

Too many holes in the frame. If you really feel like you need to, maybe 'clock' the towers (angle forward)?

Just check to see if the coils look 'bowed' instead of in column (straight). If they are bowed, you could break the coil. Ask Maniak.

Mine's forward an inch or maybe even a hair over. Buckets are fine right where they are.

Well I have previously had the coil buckets moved one inch forward and clocked a little bit, however, I never really saw the benefits because the threaded part of the heims were threaded all the way in. I guess I'll put the buckets back in the forward position and lengthen the radius arms as well. Thanks for the responses was thinking of putting the buckets back in the original position and just threading out the RA's, but I think I'll leave them where they were.