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MP3 Player/PDA Mount


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January 10, 2006
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I'm looking for a mount for my MP3 player. I'm tired of using the cup holder. I've searched, but I haven't found anything useful. So now, I'd like to turn to all you audio gurus out there. I have a Creative Zen Vision:M (anyone else have one of these?).

I'd like to mount it just off to the right of my HU, because I routed the my HU aux jack through the small vent next to the center console. (look for the headphone plug in the upper right corner of the pic below). I don't want to re-do the entire center console. I'm just looking for something that might mount to the windshield or even bolt to the dash trim. Anyone have pics of their external MP3 player setups ...Zens, iPods, iRivers, or other portable player?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Best Buy has a multipurpose holder to mount things too. It has a flat top that is attached to an adjustable swiveling neck. You can velcro what ever to the top of it.

Yea i'm sure they make something for an IPOD, I know they have things that attach to vents for cell phones so maybe they have something like that. By the way that setup looks soo sweet dude. I love the AMP nobs at the bottom.

Do you have 2 AMPs by the way, for the reason you have 2 nobs?

Radioshack used to sell 4 or 5 different universal mounts for mp3 players cell phone etc. I have one that clips into the A\C vent and I use to hold my GPS. I have a Creative Zen micro and I've been happy with it.

Thanks for the suggestions...

briwayjones: I checked my local Best Buy and Circuit City, but they didn't have anything. I'll check again for that multipurpose holder.

Doug: I bought a Radio Shack cell phone mount/cradle with a "pinch" feature that locked the player in place. It looked great installed and the Zen fit perfect. About 2 weeks later, one of the internal plastic arms of the cradle snapped which nullified the nifty "pinch" feature. So into the trash went about $20 :mad: ...BTW, nice rig. I love the 2G Sports lifted with oversized meats on 'em.

Killem234: Yeah, those knobs control the bass boost for my 2 Fosgate amps. If you're curious, click on the "My X" link in my sig. to see the rest of my system.

I was hoping to find a brand that makes MP3 mounts specifically for mobile applications and for Zens.

Lil98Sport4X4 said:
briwayjones: I checked my local Best Buy and Circuit City, but they didn't have anything. I'll check again for that multipurpose holder.

It had a flat foot with sticky back velcro that is used to mount it with. It also has holes in it so you can screw the base down if you want. Look in the car audio accessories section. Also around where the portable CD players are.

UPDATE: MP3 Player Mount found!

Well after re-visiting Best Buy, I didn't find the flat top mount with the velcro that briwayjones suggested. I did, however, find a nice little adjustable (cup holder) MP3 player/pda/GPS mount that works quite nicely. I didn't notice it before because there were a bunch of neck pillows stacked in front of it. Anyway, it only cost around $32 and it works great. I thought I'd share some pics for anyone who's interested or might be looking.

Thanks again to all who replied.


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that wire going across like that would get on my nerves

is HU that a 855 or a 955? i used to have the 955 and liked it, wish it woulda had more stuff on it to customize, the 3band eq and other stuff got on my nerves, how do you like yours?

Yeah, the wire is the only drawback to this mount. That's why I really wanted to find a mount that bolted next to where I routed the AUX line. For now, this will work for me, but I'll be keeping an eye out for something I can permanently mount to the dash. I could always mold a mount off of the frame around the stereo & climate controls, but I have zero knowledge when it comes to tackling a project like that.

My HU is the 955 model, and I like it so far. I agree with you though ...the 3 band EQ and other sound shaping features got on my nerves too. That's why I routed the signal to my Pioneer EQ/DSP, which is a little easier to use. I love the music catcher feature, which allows you to dump around 6 CDs worth of music on an internal HD...too bad they couldn't have made it compatible with MP3s :( The touch screen is very handy and the screensavers are cool, but I really wish I had a double DIN HU that played music DVDs (sound quality is insane) with an HDD nav system. I'm waiting to see when the MAX675VD will be released.

Bentley... thanks for the offer. I'm gonna read into that bracket a little more. I'll let you know if I decide to try it.