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MPG Drop?

what kind of mpg drop would i be looking at from going from stock be goodrich rugged trail 245/60/17 to 265/70/17's nitto terra grapplers.


stock to 275/60/17 or 285/60/17 (if they will fit) Hankook Ventus RH06.

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i lost about 4mpg going from stock size bridgestone duelers to Mickey Thompson X-Terrain 33x12.5, and thats mostly driving under 50mph. You shouldnt have too great of a loss.

gears make a big differnace(what is your stock gear ratio)?

That is only a slight change in tire height so it shouldn't hurt you much if any.

265's are the equevelant of a 32 or 31.8 right? then you would loose alot of MPG with 285's it would be even worse and your speedo will be off a bit.....if your primairly a "in town truck" it shouldnt be to bad...i belive hartman is running 32's with 3.55's....but 285's will really suck.