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mrboyle's 1992XLT

Here's my '92 XLT origionally purchased from my parents in the summer of 2000. It had 160K miles of typical commuter use and on its first trip off road I busted one of the worthless auto hubs. I think this was a sign of things to come. :banghead:

Where it all started:

The first mods were a set of manual Warn hubs and Pro Comp Light Bar, soon followed by the 1.75" lift.

Before lift:

Dead Link Removed

After the lift I re-geared it to 3.73's and added a Powertrax NoSlip. Then it was off to the tire store for a set of 31x10.5 Big-O XT's (not my first choice but they turned out to be a decent tire, just way over priced).

First time out after mods:


It stayed pretty much the same (except for the addition of rock sliders) until the summer of '03. Earlier that winter the electric motor on my t-case exploded and finiaized my decision to swap in a manual t-case.


As I became more comfortable with my '92 I pushed it harder and harder off-road. This little Super Stocker took me places I never expected it could go and always asked for more. To top it off it was my daily driver.

As it sits:
'92 XLT, 4.0 OHV
AA TH700R4 swap :burnout:
Manual BW1356
Custom Exhaust w/2.25" Flowmaster
K&N Filter
RS 5000's
F-150 coil spacers
Warrior shackles
Removed rear sway bar
Warn manual hubs
3.73 gears (was 3.27)
Powertrax NoSlip in rear
Explorer Pro-Comp universal light bar w/custom mounts
2- 100W KC Daylighters
Cobra 40 channel CB (el cheepo mag mount antenna for now)
31x10.5 15 BFG MT's (on stock wheels)
Several dents and scratches from various off-road trips.

During the summer of 2008 the tranny went out (poor rebuild) and I was at a crossroads. The '92 needed lots of TLC and it was pushing 245K on the origional 4.0L. I made a terrible decision and parted it out. :( It does live on in many ways, but the little Explorer that could, does no more.

Click on the link in my sig to see more pics of it throughout the years.


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Mike, welcome aboard the Elite ranks.... :) your link says it cant find the page...

welcome to eliteness! :)

Don't know what the problem was with the link, but it works now. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

nice looking rig... too bad there are so many heaps also in the degrades the X :)

Nice rig!

Love the flex shot.

Originally posted by jimabena74
nice looking rig... too bad there are so many heaps also in the degrades the X :)

Thoes aren't heeps....there lemings :D