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MrKleen's build thread-- PIC HEAVY


October 15, 2013
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2001 Explorer Sport 4WD
2001 Explorer Sport 2 door 4WD
Stock when I bought it, and in absolute horrible condition. It was a work truck and i doubt it had been cleaned once in the last 100k miles. Stains in the carpet, faded trim, a half inch of caramelized soda in the cup holders with pennies that were half dissolved.
In the last week i have been doing a complete overhaul on it and here are some pics of my progress from start to present. I will update as much as possible and answer any questions that anyone might have.


AVS headlight covers- mounted
Black out trim interior and exterior- done
Front tow hooks- mounted
Leather seat swap- done
shampoo and clean interior carpeting- done
install new floor mats for front rear and trunk- installed
install brembo drilled and slotted rotors- sitting at the house awaiting install
install new brakes- sitting at the house awaiting install
swap broken handles for new- done
niteshade tail lights- not done yet
buy 18 inch rims- done
paint and install new rims- in progress
tint windows- not done yet
paint entire vehicle matte black- not done yet
replace bushings between frame and body in rear- not done yet
fix the trunk not opening- not done yet
fix the off track passenger window-- not done yet
to lift or lower, that is the question- ???
performance mods- CAI, exhaust, headers? we will see
Anything else that viewers might want to add will be taken into consideration

Day One---

Broken driver side door handle, the passenger side was completely missing---

I should have taken a pic of whats under the rubber

Trim on center fascia and cup holder tray needed some work---

Beginning the teardown process---

Newly painted and awaiting install---


The cloth seats were in horrible condition, half operational and stained---



They had to go---


And of course the carpet needed to be cleaned, the trunk carpeting wasn't salvageable. I didn't feel up to the task so i took it to the local car spa and had them do it lol.
Since i had the seats out i drove down to the pick and pull and got lucky---



I still need to go back tomorrow and get the driver's seat. no power in the donor car meant I needed a wrench to get under the seat which of course i decided not to bring so ill update tomorrow when i pick it up.

the stock rims aren't bad but i was missing one so i decided some 18's would look nicer---

But halfway thru i decided that i would like them better if they were a different color so i started that project---

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My next project was painting the trim and bumpers and swapping out the broken handles for some nice new ones---

I ordered some AVS headlight covers to help with the blacked out look that I am going for, definitely made it look so much more aggressive---

added in a couple tow hooks in the front since I have the hookup in the back--- pics soon

Reserved for pics...


got the new leather driver's seat installed and was a pita. way more comfortable and nice and clean. also picked up some new trunk carpet so now the floors are all complete.
rotors, brakes, floor mats wont be here til the 22nd and idk when ill do the install but ill get some pics up. probably gonna get the rims on at the same time.

Coming along nicely, nice project, maybe add some fog lights? Idk what it is but I prefer black myself on trucks or cars, looks sinister I guess.

yeah the lack of fog lights sucks.. hids first and I will go from there. and the truck appearance has changed drastically from when I first bought it, I cant wait to start and be finished with the paint job

Are you painting it yourself?

i am personally a lift person, but that is all up to you. Would you get bigger rims or bigger tires?

yes im gonna paint it myself when I can find some time. looks like im gonna be working the next twenty or so days straight so its just gonna be a bit til I can get around to painting it.

and I had a dodge ram a while back that I did a lift on with 20 inch rims and 33 inch tires. I loved the look, but with the x its such a hard choice. since I just got the 18s ill probably wait til I finish painting them and install them before I decide on what ill do. I think it would look sick whether I lower, lift or keep stock. it comes down to whether I wanna drop a whole lot more money into it or not lol

got all of the new parts in yesterday. Floor mats, rotors and brakes. floor mats are already put in the truck but i gotta wait til i get some time before i can do the rotors. tired of working, i just wanna finish this project.

just picked up some tail lights from a donor truck in perfect condition so I can tint them and still be able to drive the truck around