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MRT axle back and down pipe install


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August 11, 2019
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2017 PIU EB
MRT axle back is proving to be a PITA to install. I have a hitch and it replaces the factory hanger mount. The hitch is hitting up against the new exhaust so i couldn't mount it without removing the hitch first. it's still a pain in the arse to line things up. the downpipe removal was pretty straight forward in removing. Getting everything to line up again is another story. i'll remove the mid-pipe from hanger and hopefully that'll give me enough room to attach that end of the downpipe to it. If anyone else has done this and would to share some insight I'd appreciate it.

downpipe installed. axle back not looking so hot. had to remove the hitch. taking it to a muffler shop to straighten it out.

no pics?


I’ll post the axle back pics after the muffler shop fixes by shadetree install