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Mtn8er's Elite Registery

Well finally here is my Elite Registry! I've been a member on the forums since 2006 and recently upgraded my account to elite. I got really busy with school and work and didn't have time to do any mods for a good year and a half. Now that I have time and I'm spending more time on the forums, it was time to join the crew.

The Story...

I drive a 98' Mountaineer 5.0L that I bought back in 2005. When I bought it I believe it had around 91k miles on it. Now it has 123K miles on it as of 9/09. I bought it from a family member so I knew the history on it and that it was well taken care of. In 2006 a friend that I worked with liked my Mountaineer so much, mainly because it had the 5.0L in it, he decided to go out and buy a 96' Explorer with the 5.0 in it. He found this website and told me about it so I thought I would check it out. After searching this website and seeing all the cool things I could do to my Mountaineer...well lets just say it's no longer stock :D

The Mtn8er

Engine Mods:

  • Torque Monster Headers
  • Custom Magnaflow Catback Exhaust
  • 1" Ford Phenolic Intake Spacer
  • FMS 1.6 Aluminum Rocker Arms
  • Comp Cams Pushrods
  • FMS Aluminum Valve Covers
  • Airmax Cold Air Intake
  • Amsoil Universal Air Filter
  • Powdercoated Upper Intake
  • Poweraid Throttle Body Spacer (Removed/Sold)
  • MSD Coil Packs
  • Optima Red Top Battery (Died on me/Removed)
  • Stainless Steel Braided Hose Sleeves
  • Royal Purple 5w/30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil and Mobil 1 Filter
  • Custom Tuned by BamaChips (Now tuned by Henson Performance)

Drivetrain/Suspension Mods:

  • Built 4R70W Transmission w/Internal Mods and Transgo Stage-II Reprograming Shift Kit
  • 2000 Stall Police Interceptor Torque Converter
  • B&M Auxiliary Transmission Cooler w/Remote Amsoil Filter
  • Amsoil Full Synthetic ATF in Front/Rear Differentials and Tranny
  • EE X-Spec Complete Suspension Kit (Removed)
  • Bilstein HD Shocks
  • FMS 8.8 Rear Girdle
  • Brembo Slotted Rotors
  • Hawk Brake Pads
  • 17x9 Polished Aluminum Eagle Cobra R's (Removed/Sold)
  • 275/60 R17 Toyo Proxes S/T (Removed/Sold)

NEW as of 11/12/10:

  • Torsion Twist/Warrior 153 Shackles Lift
  • 15x8 Aluminum Pro Comp Series 7069 Wheels (Flat Black w/3.75 Backspace)
  • 31x10.5x15 Dick Cepek FC II All Terrains
  • Custom Tune by Henson Performance

Interior Mods:

  • Autovation "5.0L" Pedals
  • White Explorer Sport Gauges w/LED Bulbs
  • Carbon Fiber Gauge Bezel
  • White Gauge Cover Over Cliamte Controls

Exterior Mods:

  • Black TYC Tail Lights (Removed)
  • Clear Corners
  • Hyper White Bulbs
  • Front Windows Tinted
  • Black Rain Gaurds
  • Custom Grill
  • 5.0L Emblems
  • Tow Package Removed (Repainted w/Truck & Bed Liner Coating and reinstalled)
  • Roof Rack Removed
  • Side Molding Removed
  • Running Boards Painted w/Truck & Bed Liner Coating

Older pic before grill mod...



Here's a list of some of my threads:

How To: Install Full Roller Rocker Arms:


Grill Mod:

EE Lowering Kit:

Engine Pics:

Mods to come (Lowered to Lifted):

  • Lift Kit
  • 33's Mounted on Black Wheels
  • Front Coil Over or SAS
  • Still Considering a Comp Camshaft

Stay Tuned...

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Very nice mounty

Thats a very nice looking mountaineer, looks a lot like mine as a matter of fact.:D Have you ever taken it out to a track to see what it would run after your mods?

No not yet but I am kind of curious. In fact I live less then 4 miles from the Portland International Raceway and they have drags there three times a week during the summer.

No not yet but I am kind of curious. In fact I live less then 4 miles from the Portland International Raceway and they have drags there three times a week during the summer.

Then take a trip out and see what it will do before you ruin it.:D

nice mounty and congrads on being elite

Sweet ride. Welcome to Eliteness. :thumbsup:

Sweet Mounty!!!! I'm in Portland, too....glad to see another local on here

Well it's been a while since I've posted anything on my Mounty so here it is. I was in need for some new tires, especially with winter coming, so I decided to do the poor man's lift :D. I got a new set of 31x10.5x15 Dick Cepek FC II AT's mounted on flat black Pro Comp aluminum wheels (Series 7069) along with the TT/Shackle lift. I also had James at Hensen Performance write me a new tune to go with the tire size.

Here are a few crappy pics that I took of it yesterday, it was pooring down rain and I was in a hurry. I'll get some better ones after I clean it up and we get a decent day here, but you get the idea. :thumbsup: