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MTX enclosure??


January 9, 2003
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Owensboro, Kentucky
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'96 Eddie Bauer
I recently bought a mtx sub enclosure for my 96 eddie bauer and I went to have it installed and they said it wouldnt work, b/c Ive got the factory sub back there. They said that there's the radio amp, sub amp and the sub underneath the back panel, all attached to a big plastic panel. They said that it is too big to fit w/ out removing the radio amp. But they said you cant remove the radio amp b/c it wont work anywhere else. Has anyone heard of this or has anyone installed one in an eddie bauer. Also I bought it form a guy off ebay, so I cant really return it. Please Help!

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First, welcome to the site!

Second, they are sort of right. There is a factory sub back there that needs to be removed. Then you can shuffle the amps around, and everything will fit, but it may take a little bit of "gentle pursueding" (sp?) to get them to fit benieth the plastic panels. Everything will fit tho! Good luck!

Thats what I said but they said it has to be connected to that plastic peice or the factory HU wont work. I would like to keep the HU. So I dunno. Has anyone ever doen this to an Eddie Bauer??


I've been thinking about getting one of the MTX's. If you decide it's too much hassle to install and want to sell, let me know details. This is the one that mounts in the rear storage area, isn't it? Also, is it the amplified one or just the sub?

im in the same boat as cookie, but i wont try to tell you it wont fit. not saying cookie said that, but itll fit the guys are jsut stupid caues they cant figure out how to relocate stuff

So is it possible to relocate the factory radio amp?? They said somthing about it having to be attached to that plastic or it will spark. So should I just try somewhere else??

Hey cookie, its non ampliflied and if it turns out to be too much hassle I'd be glad to sell it to you. Let me know if you still want it.

Wellllllll...that depends on wheather I can afford it or not-Christmas bills/tuition/etc. Let me know price if you decide to sell. Thanks;)

if cookie doesnt want it ill take it. i have no financial responsibilities ;) as for the factory amp i dont know about it having to be on plastic, but if it has to be just put some plastic between it and any metal, no biggie.

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