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Mudd***** Project #1: Scrap the TTB

Mudd***** Project #1: Scrap the TTB / Live Axle Swap

After cracking the passenger side axle housing and frying my driver's side hub and spindle on the last Moab Run, I decided to scrap the TTB. :shoot:

I am going with a 1979 Ford Bronco Dana 44 front high pinion axle, cut down 5.85 inches. It is being rebuilt with new brakes hubs, seals, etc. and stuffed with 4.88's and an oxlocker. To mount the axle on the Explorer I am using the stock radius arms and brackets from the 79 Bronco and 14" stroke dual rate coilovers from sway-away. The driveshaft will be mated to the D44 using a jeep D44 1310 u-joint yoke, which is the same type of u-joint used for the stock D35. Steering will be maintained using a tie rod and drag link with a steering over knuckle conversion from Rockstomper.
The trackbar is going to be mounted onto the drivers side frame rail and braced across the frame to the passenger side to aid in strength.

To match the rear I am using dutchman axles rear replacement axle shafts with 5 on 5.5 lug pattern, and having the stock drums drilled tot he new bolt pattern. For height I am retaining the spring over axle swap using warrior shackles and mountain offroad spring perches and shock mounts. The rear 8.8 will be stuffed with matching 4.88's and a powertrax no-slip differential behind a T/A diff cover.

I have purchased some 35x1250x15 BFG AT/KO's on 15x10 AE589 wheels with the new bolt pattern for my 'street' tires, and am looking into getting another set of 'offroad' tires. I am thinking of either getting 36x1250x15 TSL SX, or maybe some 37x13 Boggers, or maybe the new 37 MTR. I plan on mounting these on beadlocks from avalanche engineering.

Pics coming soon...

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Here are Michael and I removing the Dana 44 from the 79 Bronco.


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Good job. Are you staying with 15in. rims or are you going to 17s. That drivers side radius arm bracket looks massive.

I'm going with 15 inch rims. My reasons are for cheaper tires, cheaper rims, more tire availability, and more sidewall flex. Plus, the brakes fit in a 15" wheel, so why not.

The radius arm brackets are stock 78-79 full size Bronco hardware.

After some recent reading (Thanks Rick), I am no longer considering the bogger. I will either go with TSL's or TSL SX's, depending on what size tire I decide to go with.

WOW!!! :eek: The truck has a radius arm.

That is a big improvement over dare I say it.... S.B. Truck...

Oh my. It does have some work done. We just thought you were making things up. He He J/K Ive seen it. :bounce: :bounce: Cant wait for it to be done. We will all have to take a trip to the slabs to have a test. Who's in? Hopefully you will get done b4 the heat comes so we can go sometime b4 Oct or Nov.

I'm definately in for a test run at the slabs, or possibly Devil's Den in SA. I plan on having everything ready in time for the Moab run, if not sooner.

Moab is going to be fun this year!:bounce:

If you don't mind me asking, how much did the D44 cost - including cutting it down? I bent my TTB again this weekend and now I have to do something. Might as well bullet proff this thing once and for all....


I can't really give you a price for what I paid for the axle, since I bought a donor 79 Bronco and pulled it from there. I paid $250 to cut down the axle housing, others on the board were able to get it done cheaper though, so call around in your area to see what it will cost.

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