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Muffler idea's for a 98 5.0

I use a single 2.5" pipe bent over the rear axle and exit where you want it
3" you will lose some low end torque on a 5.0 with just breathing mods
I have 3" on my BII I wish I went 2.5"......................

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You can only lose torque if you don't retune the engine/PCM/computer/program. The existing program is tuned for a very restrictive exhaust.

Increasing airflow make the mixture leaner, so it needs more fuel to match the extra air. That is true of any modification that affects airflow through the engine. The computer does not compensate for airflow changes, tiny minute ones yes, typical changes no. A different throttle body won't have a noticeable affect on low end torque, the change is too small to feel. But a much bigger intake manifold will be felt down low.

The answer is to adjust the programming, once everything is done. But don't avoid increasing airflow because of the myths of losing bottom end torque. Add the airflow, and then the air as needed, that makes more power.

Yes I have always avoided the "tune" for my builds, because I'm cheap. LOL Now days it is not soo bad to tune these PCM's but back in 2005........$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. My goal used to be to fool the pcm 100% into thinking its happy, like my 88 BII believes 110% it is a 97 Merc......even has the fuel tank pressure sensor and canister vent solenoids

Thanks for that info! With these new builds We will be diving into the tuning world and using much more free flow exhaust, based on what I have learned from @CDW6212R in the last 6 months or so :)

Thanks for that!

I want to see it you know. You have the skills and motivation to get anything done, let's make people happy. There's hidden power in the details, and the exhaust is a big one. I've been bogged down with all kinds of life issues, that's my excuse.

I'm retiring in Dec, the stress of the effects on work, plus growing poor work conditions, make it not worth doing now. I have many fellow mail carriers in my office planning to go soon, most well before their earlier plans. I was going to wait 2-4 years, now I finally asked what retirement will be after 25 years. It's pitiful, so why do it when it's interfering with life. I will be much happier not wasting five days a week serving a non appreciative master. I've made more money in the stock market in four months, than four years from the USPS.

My plans for work vehicles just changed, now it's fix them up to sell, so the 2.5" dual exhaust will be a first step, but then it's unneeded parts when I go bigger.

I will be much happier not wasting five days a week serving a non appreciative master

I speak from experience
These old trucks and SUV's are going up in value, with new vehicles costing so much, fires, hurricanes, floods and covid, there is a serious shortage thus prices going up up up............shoot even BII['s are fetching $4500+ these days????????????? Rangers..........get out of here! can barely get my hands on any clean ones anymore

Amazon is trading at $3000 and apple just split 4:1.......stock market can be gooooooood as long as you sell high and turn it into real tangible assets you can touch...........

Well if it wont effect emissions, then i guess the next step is to ditch the second cats to hopefully gain more volume that im looking for.

I disagree with the idea that one can simply tune back lost torque when you apply a larger exhaust to a given build. There is more than tuning. For example the cam, where it makes its power in combination with the proper exhaust. The build is all physical, you can't make an RV cam spin to 6500rpm and produce lots of horsepower with a tune. The tune should complement the components of the engine build, exhaust, and transmission..................................You cannot tune back lost torque due to physical changes, maybe a little, but not most of the loss.​