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Muffler offset?


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November 10, 2004
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Bel Air, MD
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2002 XLT 4x4
I'm interested in the flowmaster 70 series muffler but I can't figure out which one will fit, if any at all. I tried searching but didn't find exactly what I need. Should I get the offset-in and middle-out kind? I'm reading it's bigger but can't find any info on how hard it is to install. Can anyone tell me about how much it costs to have one put in also?


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Can anyone answer? I emailed flowmaster and they said ask a shop. I'd much rather hear from someone that had one installed.


It would probably be easiest to either ask a shop like Flowmaster said, or look under the truck and see what will work.

Yea it's just hard to say without having it in front of me to check. I'll call around.

Offset in - center out or offset in - offset out both work. All depends on where they cut the old exhaust off.