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Muffler opinions

EMT Joshua

March 23, 2004
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1998 Sport
I'm looking at the Edelbrock SDT muffler for my X. Has anyone had any good or bad experience with this muffler? Anyone using a better muffler? Is $107.99 a good price?

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FlowMaster 40 series...hands down. :D

I have a 1994 XL 4.0L OHV and I have a cherry bomb turbo II muffler on it from autozone. Good for $18. That's about all I changed on it, mainly because the old muffler fell off. It sounds good enough for me.


Truckin performance has the stainless steel (409) flowmasters for around $100 (plus shipping). 40 series is cheaper than the 50 series (I think).

I have never heard the edelbrok muffler but it seems a bit expensive for a muffler. I got my flowmaster 40 series for $50. I have a movie clip of the exhaust also. If you want it. email me at

You can find 40 series on Ebay for $30-$40 easily. If you had a V8 (obviously you don't), I'd say get the 50 series.