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Muffler problem


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August 18, 2014
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1997 Ford Explorer
So back in one of my previous posts i mentioned that I've noticed my exhaust seemed noticeably louder. well i found the source to the problem. But let my tell you about the progression. First it was the noise, it was obviously louder. second, I noticed more movement with my tail pipe. Thirst, on a cold day I've notice while walking out to my car, that you can see exhaust coming from the tail pipe (like normal), but a little bit from underneath the car, I suspected there was a hole or leak in my exhaust. Now the back end of the exhaust pipe is hanging down. Hopefully you are able to see the image. As of now, my tail pipe isn't doing anything but hanging, and all my exhaust is exiting from the muffler itself. From the picture it looks rusty, but the pipe looks like it didn't break, to me it kind of looks as if it popped out. I'm just hoping its and not going to cost hundreds of dollars to fix. Anyone have any idea how bad this is if you can see the image? If not what would be the cost to get my muffler replaced?


Your pics is not showing. You'll need to upload it to a host, like Photobucket, and post it from there.