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Muffler recommendation

December 15, 2010
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Holland, MI
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'94 Eddie Bauer
Hey everyone. I'm looking for recommendations on a muffler for my 4.0l v6 explorer. Im looking for good sound, yet dont want to spend a ton of money. I know it will never sound as good as a v8 but im just looking for some nice sound. If you could give me a brand name, model, and approximate price that would be great. Thanks!

Search it..... we can't "tell YOU" what sounds good, as we all have different tastes on what sounds good.

But FWIW, I think a majority have a flowmaster muffler. You can usually find them fairly cheap on CL, that's where I found mine.

You can listen to sound clips on youtube to give you a better idea. Usually keywords like, explorer flowmaster, ford 4.0 v6 exhaust, and the like have gotten me where I wanted to go on youtube.