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Multi-function switch replaced... now cars beeps when door is open


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August 21, 2011
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My headlights decided to stop working. I read the DIY on the multi-function switch here on the forums. I went ahead and replaced the switch out with a switch from autozone:

the fix went easy enough, but now when I open my door, a beeping sound happens as though I have left my keys in the ignition or the lights are on. Mind you, it does this everytime I open the door. The good news is my headlights work, the bad news is, it's driving me mad!

any help or suggestions.

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If you'll go into the drivers door, you'll see two wires going to the door lock solenoid. One of them is for the lock, the other is for the dinger. I just unplugged mine, no more dinger.

thanks for the reply,

do you mean taking the door interior apart? Can you be more specific as to where these wires are? Also, can I assume this same thing happened to you and that is why you were lead to dissemble the door lock solenoid? Did you unplug both wires?


Look here:

For this:

If it's loose, that's your problem, just "plug" it back in

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pix


Very awesome that you posted some photos.... even if they are REALLY HARD TO SEE. ;)

your response is different than the poster above. You are suggesting there might be a plug, unplugged near the ignition? I will look to see as I still have my column shield off.




The metal contact on the plug (1) was touching metal on the ignition switch, rather than being plugged into slot (2).

Cool your pic is way better than mine!, glad it helped :D
Those pix are a few years old, when I had the same beeping issue