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multi problems all of a sudden


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September 11, 2007
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oshawa, ontario. home 2 goverment motors canada
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99 ex sport
went out yesterday moring an started my 99 sport, the 4x4 hi/low lights flash for a quick second. didnt think much of it but then tryed to put the power window down an it wont go. so drive to the store get out an notice the puddle lights dont come on anymore.
so here i am 4x4 isnt working anymore,windows wont go down an the puddle lights dont work.
so does any 1 know what the problem could be?

check your battery cables

windows and puddle lights are on seperate fuses, as is the 4x4 touch drive

I would suspect a common ground, or the battery cables/alternator themselves also have the battery and alternator tested

well i dont think it to be the battery or alternator as the truck has over 7+ hours of driving with muliable starts sence this. common ground it could be, just need to find out where the grounding could be. but would this also affect the 4x4?

standard "issue" in and around the battery saver and accessory delay relays... check with a meter for proper operation and outputs.