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mute button on stock radio for cell phone???


May 27, 1999
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hi guys,
im about to get a hands free car kit for my nokia phone. the kit is cark-91. this kit has a line that mutes the radio.

my question is, does the explorer radio (for a '97 model) have a line for this, since there is an option to get the stock cellular phone.

if not, would it be possible to tap into the mute control for the rear console?


I have the voice-activated phone in my Explorer. When the phone rings, the radio mutes, it also mutes when you push the voice button. The stock radio control knob changes the cell phone volume too. I dont know if this is a function of the phone or the radio. Most likely the phone.

PS- Did you all know that Lexus and Ford both use the same voice activated phone system? The portable phones are identical, as is the voice of the system. Ford's setup is actually better in my opinion. Just thought I would pass that on. Dead Link Removed

Stephen Withrow
97 Limited
98 Lexus LS400

thanks stephen,

if the stock phone mutes the radio, then there has to be a wire that would connect to the radio to do this.

does anyone have the wiring diagram for a '97 explorer sport?

thanks again,

How do I disconnect the phone system in a 1996 Ford Explorer?

I have a 1996 Explorer Limited, so it came with the internal phone system stock. The phone in the center console had been removed before I owned the car, but my stereo sometimes doesn't work as it beeps and displays "phone". How can I disconnect the phone system as a whole?