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Mute input on 97 JBL Radio


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December 23, 2000
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'97 Eddie Bauer
Hey guys,

last time I pulled my radio out (97 Eddie Bauer with premium sound) I noticed a sticker on one of the two connectors on the back of the radio. On that sticker it said that one of the pins of that connector is assigned to accept a mute input signal (from a cell phone for example) to mute the radio when there is an incoming phone call on the cell phone. Does anybody know, if that pin is enabled and what kind of signal is required to mute the radio? I just put a cell phone in my X and it has a mute output, so theoretically speaking, I could hook up the cell phone to mute the radio when the phone is ringing....
Any ideas? Maybe one of you guys with a service CD could try to look that up... :)

Thanks for any help

Take care...


I already tried that...:)

any other ideas?


I hope this can help. At the amp in the back, there should be two pins that are dedicated for cell phone signal. The wires are light blue/yellow (+) and pink (-).

At the receiver, there's one wire that is for cell phone. There's also a "Logic Mute" wire, which is dark blue. But the one wire that is for the cell phone is Gray/Red wire. The manual stated "PTA Low During Phone Operation".

Good luck!!