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Mutter, mutter, curse, FORD!, mutter, grumble...

I think it's time to find a new dealer... the shocks that weren't leaking Friday were leaking last night when I changed them! My 13 year old brother pointed it out to me!!! If a technician can't find anything wrong, but a 13-year old can, there's definately something wrong in that shop!!! Rides like a new truck now Dead Link Removed Too bad it cost me $80 for something that should have been done under warranty. Needless to say, my salesman, the service manager, and the owner will all be hearing from me regarding the cr@ppy service!!


98 Sport
4.0 SOHC
Bone-stock (except for the crud in the cupholder)
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okay well i just wanted to add my own story of explorer hell. I have a 97 sohc 4x4. my dad bought the truck new and we have had nothing but problems with it. i just got it back yesterday from its latest visit to the dealership. this time it was the power steering and the dealer had to replace a hose or something like that which is supposibly a recall part on the newer explorers. so if you are still having problems with your power steering it could be due to this. but for other things that have gone wrong with my truck... hmm i think the biggest one was having to get a new engine at 40000 mi. thankfully it was still underwarrenty so all i had to pay was the 50 dollar deducable. but i've had problems with the oil leaks, the 4x4 sticking, the throttle boddies (i say that in plural because they have put a total of about 5 different ones on my truck since we have owned it), the a/c compressor, the lights going out on the dash and the keypad, and latest trouble the powersteering. I am really scared because my extended care warrenty is up in about 1500mi. i don't know if i am goign to be able to afford to keep this truck with all the problems. i am starting to save now for the repairs that will come in the future. You might ask why i don't get rid of my truck.. well i love explorers my family has had one ever since 91. i would trade in mine for a newer one but personally i do not like how they look and i've heard that they aren't much better. i was looking into getting an older sport but then i was thinking the more problems it is going to have because it is older. oh well i am stuck with my car not that i am complaing because i love the way it looks just not the way it performs most of the time Dead Link Removed okay i've told my explorer story.

97 SOHC 4x4
k&n filtercharger kit

soon to have:
exhaust system
splitfire wires
bosch plugs

I don;t know.......I have had several used vehicles in my life.............

I bought my 94 Exploder about two years ago........actually, a little less.........

In that time I have had to replace:

-transmission (locked up in forward--left me stranded on the Outer Banks on vacation)

-one rear brake cylinder (blew out) and the associated brake shoes and the other side to be safe

-one front breake caliper (locked up not far from my driveway thank gawd....

- front torsion bar isolators (cant remeber the name...teh donut things)

- front shock bolts snapped, necessitating a fix it kit........

- a hidden and annoying oil leak...not a HUGE leak, but enough to mar my driveway where I park it......looks like corner front cover (??) and it seems like the oil pan (cast aluminum) is actually SEAPING oil!!!!

and the NEWEST problem, rear axle seal went south........which leaked grease all over my new brake job........SO, a NOTHER rear brake job on the way plus seals/bearings.......

This truck only had 63k on it when I bought it and now about 80k.......

Maybe I am just unlucky......I love the truck but I am wondering what the next problem will be.........

Meanwhile, I have a Dodge Dakot that has 120k and has had NO problems except an overdrive unit went bad under warranty, radiator blew a seal, and some front end work is needed due to larger-than-stock tires.........oh yeah, an d I replaced the fuel pump in it too....but this is all in the span of 100k miles (I bought it used at 20k).............

I'm surprised to see this back at the top... I've still got the Ex... I never updated the story....

Ford finally settled in August of 00. They agreed to buy it back. Well, long story short, they shorted me $500, so I still have the vehicle. I haven't driven it since January 4th, because I bought the Probe for a beater car in anticipation of them finally getting their sheit together, but it hasn't happened yet. I'm going to put a plate on it shortly and put the insurance back on it so I can take it in and get the new tires for it, have the brakes checked out, and maybe start driving it again. Right now, it makes a really good rolling garden shed. :)


Originally posted by Scott Bosso
With 35K on the truck, all four of your original shocks are worn. No manufacturer uses shocks that last more than about 10K miles. I don't know why - most likely a cost issue.

We got 130K mile miles out of the stock shocks on our 91 XLt. I replace the Rears yesterday.