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Mutual Mine II


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February 6, 2000
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'99 Explorer EB
Hey gang,
We will be running Mutual Mine again the 1st or 2nd weekend in November. Stay tuned for details...

Mdrut has been hard at work promoting the flexplorers group - even to the point of having some Samurais show up to the events! There's a good chance some j**pers will be showing up as well. Check back for more info...


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Ok Guys and Gals...Nov. 3rd is the date...Looks to be our biggest turn out yet. We should have atleast 4 rigs there with 7+ inches of lift..Camping is available. Fishing is available, lots of trails and sand..
We had a great time there back in June, hope to see you there..
If you need to make arrangements or need directions, drop me or Jon a note or check out the web site in either signature...

OK...This is the list so far
JYoung ???
Big Poppa???
Should also be about 4 guest with rigs, anyone else???
Naples Bill???

The list is growing...

As best I can tell...

I wil lbe arriving mid-late afternoon on the 2nd, hopefully with new meats on the corners, 2 kids, fishing poles and food ready for the chillin's 1st camping experience. As many of you recall, my daughter isn't fond of water in the back seat - with the new lift hopefully that can be avoided!

Any other takers on the campout? Rocky and Daniel both expressed interest in camping out. I know there are some big fish in the pond at the campsites (fishfry anyone?)

As far as meeting place on Saturday - it's about 30 minutes or so off exit 66. We can meet at the campground, just outside the state park or in town. what do you guys think?



Well - ok, I guess so ;)

You gonna show up for camping too?


i dont think so. my wife is pregnant and i dont like to get too far for too long. me and my 2 year old son Oshean (who made the prerun with me and mike and anthony) will come down and barring any major breakage will go back that night. with daylight savings and all that it will b dark like at 6:30 or so right? if we leave then i dont think that it will be too bad. we are only 2 hours away from inverness.

hmmmm, Let me see what I can work out..I know Anthony is game, I have some stuff to take care of..Steering..So Jon can finisn his... boxing up lift, so Daniel can finish his...Lights, so Jon can add to his...Shocks, so Gabe can add to his...Damn you guys are keeping me busy..LOL

First round of pics from the Outting today...Still have 2 rls of film myself, Jon 2, Hank's digitals, and Daniels pics..Keep checking back we will update as soon as possible...
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And true to form, no surprises, Jon got stuck again.....

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Great pics! I still can't believe how stuck I was ;)

Write-up and pics will be posted Wednesday night on


Lots of good pics received from Jon, Mike, Brian. Just waiting for Daniel and I'll update the gallery link above.

Photos uploaded. Lots of 'em.

There is a link off of the event write-up page or you can go direct to:

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