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My 01 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Hey my name is James and this is my 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac (working on it slowly)

Type 6-Cylinder, 60° V, Single Overhead Cam, 12V
Displacement 4.0L (245 CID)
Gears 4.10 OD
Horsepower 210 @ 5200 (SAE net @ rpm)
Torque 240 @ 3000 (lb.-ft. @ rpm)

5 speed Automatic
16-inch Bright Cast Aluminum Wheels
Power Moonroof
Power Windows/Locks
Speed Control
4 Wheel ABS
Remote Keyless Entry
Overhead Console w/Electronic Compass and Outside Temperature
Truck Bed Extender
Independant SLA Suspension
Side Impact Beams
2ND Gen Dual Front Airbags
Power Back Window
Roof Rails

Things I've Added Since (not much)
Clear Corners
MAC Chrome Intake Kit
Bosch Spark Plug Wires
Billet Grille
Bumper Billet Grille
Billet Knobs
Billet Licence Plate
Billet Brake Light Cover
APC Euro Tails
EE Sway Bar
Blue Turn Signal (Matches Headlights when on)

Things i've still yet to Do but will (one day)
TT Twist and 3" Rear blocks
New Rims
Tint Front Windows (35% MD legal)
Paint Grey Cladding
Fix 2 Dents in Engine Hood
Flowmaster 40 Series Single In/Dual Out System
New Paint Job
Chip w/ Rev Limit Removed

Things i Have but need to Install
White Gauges (Speedo, Rear Stereo Controls and HVAC)
Sport Trac All Silver Badges
Chrome Tail Gate Handle
Billet Tie Down Replacments

Here are some pictures.











Thanks for all the help.

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Nice Sport Trac you have there. I love that color. I've always wanted to have a vehicle in that color (which I might in a few years - hopefully). Looks like you have a lot of good things going on with it. Good luck on it. Looks great!


Nice looking trac u got there, im sure it'll only get better looking at your list.:thumbsup: How much did your billet grill run u?
Ive been searching the net for the best price and want to make sure im not getting ripped off.

nice 01 sport trac u got there is that a custom radio u got on urs cause my 01 sport doesnt have that brand of stereo

nice. good looking s.truc you've got there.

what size is the pipe for your air intake? i'd like to get one sooner rather than later for mine, and have had no luck looking around (custom) auto places in Los Angeles.

Sadly to say my truck was totaled after being rear ended by a dodge ram 1500 going 60mph on a bridge! Scared the * out of me. I believe the tube was 3.5in. It was a MAC intake I bought off Check there I believe there are cheap intake tubes there.

sux that ur sport trac got totalled u got pics of it when i got totalled

I use to but I don't have the pictures anymore. They weren't going to total it but while it was at the shop a group of kids broke in and pretty much destroyed my truck (ripped up the seats, tore out my stereo, broke all the windows and windshield, slashed all the tires and stole exhaust) punks. It happened back in April 08 (LAST PAYMENT!!!! after 4.5yrs) but Insurance ended up giving me 11K for it so I can't complain too much since KBB on it was only around 4-5K. Bought a Volvo S60R. Great car.

billet tie downs for sportstrac

I have an 04 sportstrac and am looking for billet tie down replacements since my truck is mostly chrome. Can you help. ty Diane

Good luck on finding them. I haven't seen any for sale in ages.

Wow, Feels like forever since I've been here.

Sorry I wish I could help but everything I had for and on the truck is long gone.

Good luck finding them tho. Try the classifieds.

This is what I'm driving now although I do miss the hell out of my truck :(