My 01' Sport and a thank you to the admins and members on this site. | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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My 01' Sport and a thank you to the admins and members on this site.


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November 26, 2013
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01' Explorer Sport 4.0
So I picked up an 01' Explorer Sport in October just because the price was good km's were Low and I needed a 4x4 to get to my job in the spring as well as being able to conquer the snowy Canadian winters. Not until after I bought this truck did i realize how much I liked what ford had conjured here, it is exactly what I was looking for in a truck no more no less. So like most of you on here I can't leave things alone and like to modify and build ****, like real men do. This site has given me so much info and made everything very easy for me with minimal guess work and I'd just like to say thanks.

Here's my beast sitting on 265/75/16's bone stock suspension....Sags a little in the rear so i have ordered the 153 shackle for some weekend beer and shop time.


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Good looking Sport, and in my favorite color.

Looks like it's in it's element too, with the snow...

Hmm, where in Ontario are you?

Where'd you get those shackles and the brush guard?

nice looking Ex the Warrior shackles u order thru Partsource, ive been toying with the idea of updating to the newer style sport

^ I called partsource and asked them if they could order the 153 shackle and the guy at first said couldn't get it only full blown lift kits i said that didnt make sense he then looked up the part number W153 and could get it for 107$ which seems normal like a normal price for here. My bush guard was actually a lucky deal I saw them on here and called the local wreckers that morning and they had literally just pulled one off a totaled sport trac got it for 120 bucks, little sanding and paint and it was good to go.