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My 02 Ex


January 7, 2008
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lake in the hills IL.
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02 XLs
Hi guys, Seeing what you guy think of my explorer and seeing if you have any good ideas for new projects. Here what i have done to it so far:


My pioneer avic z2

Rear screen and 2 12' infinity kappa subs




The moon roof i just had installed



Under the hood

I was thinking about painting the explore blue this year

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you have the same X as my old 03 red xls...

this is exactly what i wanted it to look like, with some very small modifications... god i envy you so much right now !!! this is what my red X looked like when i just bought it...


*** dont paint it blue !!!!! red looks really good on these vehicles !

1. Paint Rims Black

2. Black Headlight Housing's

3. Tinted Tails

4. 6000K or 8000K Low's and Fog's

5. open the exhaust up with 2.5'' pipe ( what flowmaster you running ? )

6. Tune

7. Paint Grille Black, or Billet Grilles

8. Tail light Gaurds

9. Bumper Brush Guard

some of the things i would do...

I have a feeling you really like FORDS! :D

After the BFG's wear down, paint the rims black and get bigger tires with a 3" body lift.

I really like your truck! :thumbsup: the bumper, its off of a XLT so you could have the fogs, yes? I want a moonroof!

The moonroof was the best upgrade i've done so far

how much did it cost for the moonroof? and where did you get it done at?

It cost me $1200.00 for the mmonroof. I had I done at a place called top coverage in Illinois. They install all the moonroofs for car dealer in our area.

must love that moonroof... thats a pretty penny... my 93 had one, my 02 doesnt and id like to get one in it but thats a little above my price range right now, full power and everything?

Yes it full power and slides into the roofline

what brand moonroof is it? can you post any more pix? im planning on getting mine done next month.

nice x u got