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My 02 xsport

Folks I would like your input......

I bought my 02 xsport in Aug of last year and was completely thrilled with what I got. Was exact color and options that I wanted. I had it brought 250 miles from a different dealer than the one I purchased it from. I joined this board and have found so much useful info and tips from all of you and became very excited about all of the potential my new x has. But, some things have come about that have been very discouraging to me. In less than a year my truck has been back for warranty repair on the following items in no particular order: rear pinion seal, replace head unit, replace steering column bearings, bad vibration in braking, lower door moulding falling off, and lighting on cruise control buttons. Next is a rattling noise when I turn on the a/c which I have not yet addressed with them. Needless to say, I am unhappy. I love my truck and it is the first new vehicle I have ever had. I have big hopes and dreams for it that are quickly being squashed. It only has 23k miles and I have taken excellant care and maintenence of this truck for it to be treating me this way. Thoughts?????


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April 23, 2000
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You bought a F O R D = fix or repair daily! Don't worry, there are just a few bugs in there. Just be glad they are coming out during the warranty period! My truck was the same way 70,000 mi. ago, now I wouldn't part with it for a new one. Good Luck