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My 05 Explorer XLT Gas Mileage


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September 22, 2010
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Raleigh, NC
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1995 Explorer XLT
2005 EX..77K miles...Truck is new to me, just got it about a month ago...First thing I noticed is that the gas mileage was not too good..I was getting @ 375 miles on 20 gallon fill-ups....or @ 18 mpg combined city and road...Well after reading several posts about the crappy mileage I decided to do a scientific test as I told my wife...I put the old explorer in GRANNY mode...Filled up to the brim and drove 75% city miles to work and back....No jack rabbit excessive idiling, and used the cruise control every time it was practical....The results...386.8 miles on 21.7 gallons, = 18.3 MPG City...Next test topped off the tank and went on a short road trip 95% road driving..few stops for 99.3 miles and came back to to same station and topped off again and the EX used...3.93 gallons for total average of 25.26 MPG Road...GRANNY Driving again...Cruise control on and set at 62 miles per hr..So now I know that If I GRANNY drive I can get 18/25 mpg combined...This makes me a happy camper..... I just have to GRANNY drive to get these results....and hope that I do not get ran over...

my explorer must have some serious issues. i get at best 14mpg


I just bought my 04 XLT last month too and wanted to check my gas mileage. I sold my 00 Explorer that always got right at 20 mpg, same engine 4.0.

The first tank of gas in my new Explorer was not too good, 13.8 all city driving. And I drive slow and easy. Next tank was mostly hwy driving and worked out much better - 18.3 mpg. Getting ready at the end of this week to check for the third time, mix of city and hwy - I'm guessing around 16 but we'll see.

The 04 Explorer is a much nicer SUV than the 00, but I would have thought the mpg would have been closer with the same engine. I guess the 04 is much heavier.

I'm averaging 17-18mpg combined in my 05. Had mine for 2 months now. 52k on the odo. I haven't done any long trips yet but don't see why I couldn't get 20+ with the cruise set. Mine came with 255/70-16's and 3.73's. According to the tach, I'm running 400rpm's less at 65mph than my 98 with the same rear end and 235/75-15's. The 05 feels a bit heavier too me also so I'm thinking that is part of the slight mpg drop from the 98 plus my 98 was 4x2. Gears and tires play a big role in your mpgs.

The 93 I had with 4.10's got 16-17. The 2000 with 3.55's would get 23 on the hwy and 18-19 combined. Both of these with stock 235/75-15 rubber.