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My 06 EB only has drive


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January 10, 2013
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06 Explorer
Hey guys, I'm in desperate need of some advice. I had been experiencing the reverse jolt/hard shifting issues for some time, so I had been reading up on the forums here. Well while gathering info on the issue the problem got worse in a hurry. It had always had the reverse jolt, and slowly developed the hard shift issue. About a 2 weeks after that started I noticed while driving it would over rev, during normal driving, then slam into gear with a squeal from the trans. This lasted another 2 weeks then it started throwing codes causing the check engine light to come on occasionally. The other day I lost 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears. It slowly creeps up to speed in drive and once it has enough heat in the trans finally shifts into OD. Reverse is fine. My OD light has never flashed. I have a buddy coming over after work today to bring me his code reader to read the codes. My issue is that it seems a little different from the normal 5r55s problems. Most people tend to lose 2nd and 5th and maybe reverse. Any advice is appreciated. I talked to Pat at Level 10 transmissions and was informed they have a brand new 5r55s for 3000, which fixes the problem areas of the 5r55s. If I have to rebuild/replace it I'd like to have all the known issues addressed to prevent it from happening again. That being said 3000 bucks is a hard pill to swallow. Thanks in advance.

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My neighbour with 2005 v6 lost his tranny at 100k miles. From what I remember he paid around 4k at the dealer. Sorry, I do not have any good news. Check the codes, maybe it's not the whole tranny.

How many miles ?

Thanks for your feedback. It has 81000 miles on it. I'm pretty good with a wrench so I'd feel comfortable (mechanically) attempting to fix it myself. However, I don't have a lot of experience with transmissions and was hoping for some guidance from anyone who may have tried this themselves. Most posts and other people I have read or talked to seem to imply that 2000-2500 is about the norm to have the trans repaired. But this is almost always a "stock" rebuild. I love my explorer and plan on keeping it for a while so I don't mind paying a little more for a trans that addresses all the known issues with the 5r55s trans. Level 10 claims its bulletproof in an Explorer as I don't have gobs of HP like a modded Stang. I was also told it should improve my gas mileage a bit too. I did notice my mpg slowly declining before the problem completely disabled my Ex. Its hard to put a dollar sign on peace of mind. But with the correct info and guidance I'd have no problem tackling it myself.

Btw...I have the error codes written down at home. There were 2 for shift solenoids and one for a line pressure error.

The price for Level10 is just the tranny I suppose. The labor adds probably 5-6 hours to it.

The solenoid pack are known problems along with the intermediate servo. I'd start with the solenoid pack honestly.

3000 is for completely rebuilt trans, new torque converter, and a Ford approved PCM upgrade (reflash). They make their own solenoid packs and trans pumps to correct the line pressure issues, which from what I understand is the root of the solenoid pack and servo problems. I just don't want to throw money at it and it not fix the trans. I've read a lot of posts on here that involved rebuilding the trans anyway. It was my daily driver until this started, now I'm driving my Stang which gets about 2 gallons to the mile.