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My '07 Limited V8 'Garage Thread'

Whoever ordered it chose Pecan/Black seat leather...yea, it wasn’t our taste...


So after I showed it to my wife (who had absolutely no idea that I was even looking at Explorers for her) ...she wasn’t a big fan.
I told my GM what she said, and he tells me that they can just change the leather if need be.
I thought he was just messin’ with me, but he was serious...




Whaaat? came out really nice!

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Cool...glad I could help!

I also noticed that there isn’t much (if any) FORScan info for the 4th gen Explorers. I did use the ‘easy method’ to turn on the DRLs for my wife in the ‘07.
Maybe check with Livnitup over on the
Easy method?? Please explain...

Easy method?? Please explain...
From the FORScan Tutorial...

“There are two different ways to program your truck with FORScan. One is a basic way where the user is presented with plain English wording about the modification and choice(s) to be performed. The second way is a more advanced one where the user is given access to the individual addresses and values inside each module.”

On my F-150, I used the advanced method and actually changed the values on a certain line in the particular module.

On the Explorer (‘07 and ‘12) I used the basic ‘easy’ method where the modification is typed out on the screen in plain English and you just select what you want to turn off/on.

We had a unseasonably warm day today, so I changed the running boards/side steps on my (wife’s) Explorer. She didn’t like the ones that came on it from the factory...remember the ones I re-painted?...
View attachment 156214
(can’t wait to put those summer wheels back on)

...and since it’s pretty much her vehicle now, I wanted to make sure she’s happy with it...since I’m driving a brand new F-150!

View attachment 156212

...with the ‘new’ factory running board...
View attachment 156213

I still have a bunch of parts to swap on this vehicle...stay tuned!
If I were to remove that style of running board on my 4th gen and install the tube style bars should I assume the mounts will line up?

Why did you end up removing the dual exhaust? Any particular reason? What did you end up doing with it?
Looking to put duals on my 08. Maybe ill give Karn's a call. Was taht 2.5"?