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My '07 Sport Trac Limited V8 4x4


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January 10, 2006
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'07 Sport Trac Ltd V8 4x4
Hi all,

I figured I might as well start up a mods list page for my Trac.

Please drop me a line and let me know what you think.

- Jamie

Exterior Mods...
32" Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs
17x8 Mamba MR1 wheels
Powder coated grille (off eBay vendor) - Ironman grille really faded out
AVS window vent shades
AVS low profile bug shield
GTS rear window Shade Blade - removed because tape failed
Tail light guards
LED hi/lo headlight bulbs
Smoked LED third brake light - On my third brake light now! The LEDs on my 2nd Recon brake light were failing, so I'm on using a different brand now. I'm done with Recon lighting - complete junk!
LED marker lights
LED puddle lights
LED switchback front turn signal/parking lights
LED tail lights
LED reverse lights
LED fog lights

Interior Mods...
LED dome lights (front and rear)

Sound System...
Kenwood DNX891HD all in one nav unit
Infinity Components (front)
Infinity 6 1/2" oval speaks in rear doors
Alpine 300W 4ch amp
Kenwood 500W mono sub amp
Custom sub box w/2 10" JL subs

Suspension mods...
Truxxx 2" lift/level kit

Engine/Electrical mods & upgrades...
Sears Diehard Platinum
Autolite HT plugs
Viper Security System w/remote start


bone stock ...I took this right after I brought her home (well, after a pit stop at the local car wash first :)).


After Adrenalin/Ironman headlight assembly and Truxxx lift installed.


How she looks now...



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You have a few more pieces to black out but it's looking good. Have you done anything with the chrome grille?

My god!! If I was getting enough fluids I'd be drooling right now!!!
I know those are knock-off Jeep Moab wheels, but those look right awesome! Nice BFGs too.
I agree that I'd probably like to see the roof rack, running boards and center caps get blacked out as well, but that's just because I'm not fond of chrome - to each their own.

Now we just need some photos of that thing in action and dirtied up. I hate to be a copy-cat, but those wheels are officially on my wish-list, but I'm working towards a portable XD9000i now so it'll be a while.

Very nice, picking up my "new to me" black 07 limited tommorow, truxxx kit and BFG at,s on my list. Got some work to do to look as good as yours.:thumbsup:

Thanks for the compliments!

I received my ironman grille this afternoon :thumbsup: So very soon, my chrome grille will go bye-bye. I'm just waiting for the emblem.

I am definitely looking to either replace the center caps with black ones or buff off the chrome and paint them.

Even before I picked up my ST, I was on the look out for some Altezza or blacked out tail lights. But as most 2nd gen ST owners already know, the custom parts market for us is seriously lacking. So, right now, I don't know what I'll do with the tail lights. I've seen some nice work with spray tint, so maybe I'll go that route. I'm open to anything at this point, and any suggestions are welcome.

I'm also looking at a roof basket for mounting a full size spare and a set of off road lights, but I'm not sold on that idea just yet.

To say the least, I have a lot more ideas and work to do. I'll keep updating the thread as more mods are completed.

lookin good keep up good work

Sounds good - but I don't know about the lights tinting. Might be cool, but it might be overkill on the black too. Having at least something to contrast is nice.

Installed my Ironman grille today.


BanGBloW... thanks for compliment and posting the link. I'm currently saving up for a Kenwood model. I'll be a little closer once I sell my old wheels/tires :D

Now FWIW, I say THAT makes the truck ! !

That Ironman grille looks good! great looking truck!

Awesome - this just keeps getting better and better!

That is a sick truck right there! I love it, but please don't black out everything! It looks nice with some contrast. The wheels and tires are just beastly.

Thanks for the compliments :)

Since my last post, I purchased/installed a black bed extender and ordered LED replacements for the front parking lights, backup lights, and tail lights. I also have tinting ordered for the fog lights and a smoke laminate on order for the tail lights. I'll post up more pics when it's all installed.

willied... No worries... the headlight assembly, roof rack, and running boards are going to stay the way they are.

1AJeremyD... The only mod I have planned for the engine in the near future is a K&N CAI. Although, my friend just showed me that the Mustang shop that supercharged his stang could do the same to my ST, which would crank it up to around 500HP :D

Nice looking truck! I love the all black, as you can see! For the 32" tires, did you have to go with the lift or did you just want that? I have 265/50R20 now and want to change to 275/55R20, which are just under 32", but about 11" wide. Think I will have trouble or can I get away without the lift?

Here is mine:

Gives you an idea what yours would look like without the rack and off road tires.

.... I think you'd have some pretty big issues with any 11" wide tire without negative offset wheels (and your's look positive from the photo).
That's the first time I've seen an Adrenalin with dirt on it...interesting.

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Looks great!!!