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My 12v On Board Air Setup


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September 16, 2002
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This project was ment to be cheap, easy to build and very usefull. With a Setup like this I can run an impact for small tasks or various air tools, fill tires quickly and its portable. I bought the pump ($60) and the tank ($48) on ebay. Then I played at home depot for the different air fittings, gauges and hoses($25).

  • Firestone 5 Gallon air tank with 2 1/2" ports
  • Firestone 12v Pump 1.8 CFM at 90 PSI
  • Quick disconnects at each end to make tank portable.
  • 160 PSI Gauge

Its just switch controlled power for the compressor as of now, I plan on running a 140/110 pressure switch control when I install my train horns :D



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nice...that just got put on the project wish list

yeah, me too as I need to add an air system on mine. MMMM maybe I can use my factory air pump on my 96 to fill a air tank.


where you mounted the compressor, did you have the stock sub and amp there? and if so, how did you get everything out.

by the way it looks real good.