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My 1994 XLT

Hello all. I just picked this up about a week ago & am currently fixing minor problems with it.
But as always I plan on doing some work. Right now it's all stock, down to the dirty air filter. But in really, really good shape. I dont plan on going crazy with it, just nice simple upgrades( dont we all just say that:) ) .Right now all I have done to it is a Clifford G4 alarm system & a simple system that suits my needs. Consisting of a pioneer hu, BA door speakers & a 8" bass tube in the back. I cant make it too loud because of my 2 year old son.

But plans for it are as follows. First & foremost lowering kit. It will have about a 2" drop. 18" rims which i'm ordering next week after T-giving. Flowmaster muffler
(still doing research as to how loud it will be on this vehicle) & all the other BPU's.
Here are a few pics of it.


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i want to see how your x turns out

you should get true dual exhaust with flowmaster 40 series muffler you will have great powerful sound and then add a kkm or i fab intake and you will have some more power and awesome sound