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My 1997 Mounty

Hello Explorer Forum,

1997 Mercury Mountaineer 5.0l 2wd, I live in Miami, FL

I have been lurking on these forums for a year or two now snatching all the good DIY write-ups and helpful mods I can and finally feel like I should post up my 97 5.0 2wd Mountaineer. I daily drove this truck for the last couple of years until it sat because of what I thought was a Blown head gasket. It only turned out to be the intake manifold coolant crossover leak under the upper intake.

Well here it is as it sits, It has HID headlights/foglights, LED gauge cluster/ac, tail gate light bar, DIY 20% tints over the factory tinted glass (Dark in the back), new balljoints and shocks not much else just keeping it running as its a great work horse @ 205k miles! :salute:



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NICE looking truck! Simple and low-key, my kind of truck! Those look like Cobra rims or something similar. Nice choice!

Yep those are Cobra's. thanks, low key has been the overall plan for this truck!

Thats a beautiful Mounty, I love the stance did you lower it?

Thats a beautiful Mounty, I love the stance did you lower it?

Thanks, stock components, i just tosion twisted the front to be level/slightly lower than the rear plus in this pic the truck had 302 parts/tools in the cargo area which lowers the rear a bit.

nice mounty u got pics of the hids on with the hid fogs

Subtle updates and still running a year later heres Monty: