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My 1999 Explorer Sport is over heating, and leaking coolant.


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July 19, 2010
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1999 Explorer Sport
Hi all! I have a 1999 Explorer Sport that is overheating. When I put water or antifreeze into it and start the engine, you can see it all spew out from under the engine. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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been real cold?

i would check the freeze plugs first, or the block heater they can come out's been below 20 several nights. I there a reference book/site I can check to see where the freeze plugs/block heater is? If this is the problem, does it/they need to be replaced? Thanks!

Welcome to this forum! I've renamed your thread, and moved it into the stock 95-01 section. Connect a cooling system pressure tester onto the cooling system to locate the area where the leak is coming from.

Hmmm...Sounds like it's time...

To go under the truck and look for these...Look in the side of the block for the round brass discs that are in the blocks above...You also have freeze plugs in the heads as well..

Can you tell what area of the engine the coolant is running down from?


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Could it be the water pump?

Could it be the water pump?

of course it could be the water pump. It could also be the radiator, or a hose, or your thermostat housing, or freeze plugs. It could be anything, but we can't tell you because you gave us very minimal information. You told us your car is leaking coolant and overheating, great. Tell us where it's leaking from, the front, sides, top, bottom. You have to stick your head in there and take a peak, a really good peak. If it's gushing water like you say, than it should be pretty easy to find the leak. Let us know.

I know it's coming from near the front of the motor...I will pull it into my garage tomorrow and put it on the jack stands and let you know. Thanks for all your help!

Okay so that could be radiator, hoses, waterpump, thermostat housing, stuff like that. It would be nice if you can pin point the lovation :)

Ok I really can't pinpoint it, but I crawled under the front and it looks like the water/antifreeze is coming out of the front of the engine near the passenger side front tire. I don't know if that's enough info, but maybe someone can give me a list of things to check before I start pulling the hoses, clamps, etc. off. Thanks!

If you are getting coolant by the side of the engine it is most likely a freeze plug or it could be the water pump or hose. Radiator would most likely be the front of the vehicle and not the wheel well area.

you don't need to pull hoses and clamps etc.. the cooling system is fairly simple and finding a leak is not that hard. clean it up and let it dry and then look for it. start up the car and use a flash light, use some flour if you have to.

Thanks for both reponses. 1AJeremyD, I didn't mean to sound like it was in the wheel well; it's definitely coming somewhere from the engine compartment in the front of the engine, but leaning off-center to the passenger front tire side. G-96XLT, do you just let it dry and then put a lot of flour on the front of the engine?

I can see the hose on top that goes from the motor to the radiator and it looks fine. Is there another hose on the bottom that could leak also? Thanks!