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My 1st gen!


June 19, 2009
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Sandy, OR
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'91 4.0L XLT 5spd.
This is my '91 XLT, it has been in my family since I was born and now it is mine. I have done a few things to it since these pics, small repainting of the grill and window/door trim. Exhaust and Intake, Lighting inside and out, other than that just regular maintenance until i get another car, then she will be lifted and get some real mods.




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They always look good in black , a timeless color. Keep it in good shape it can be a future classic!

I really like the corvine theme you're going with. Keep it up!

Looks like mine except your paint is better.... So that is how mine would look without the running boards..... Been thinking of taking them off

nice explorer u got there

all i can say is " nice" still looks new ! the back hatch is like mine tho ( and like all the rest of them in the world ...faded out )

black is a sharp color when it's clean ,got a colorado in black and when it's slightlly dirty it looks like crap but clean and waxed looks great .

good luck keep on with the good maintience and keep on top of things and it's going to run for another 20 years :D

My explorers been in my family since the mid 90's. I wish it looked as good as yours.

Ive got about 137k right now, no serious problems, runs awesome and I wouldn't rather have anything else

nice truck!

is there any oxidation on it any where?

there was a little bit...mostly on the roof, but I usually give it a good wax/ polish every month during the summer so it keeps the paint looking pretty good.

Hey keep it stock! Don't fall into the death trap like the rest of us newbs - that Explorer looks perfect and very clean the way it looks now.