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My 2000 Eddie Bauer X (Michigan)

I just recently (about a month ago) purchased a 2000 Eddie Bauer Explorer 4X4. I used to own a 1996 Eddie Bauer Explorer and I put 142,000 miles on it. Then I decided to sell it. Now after a couple years I am happily sitting in the driver's seat of an Explorer again.

2000 Explorer Specifications:

Warrior Shackles
Kicker KX1200.1 Amp
2 - 15" Solobaric L5's
1/0 gauge power wire
clear corners
brown wire mod

Mod's that I plan on doing in the next month or two:

1) Install front tow hooks (DONE)
2) AAL (Pro comp 13120) (DONE)
3) 2" TT (DONE)
4) BF Goodrich All Terrain K/O P265/75/16
5) 2" Body Lift (DONE)
6) Custom front tow hooks

I've been spending hours searching and looking on this site and I have to tell you, I think I am addicted.



Thanks for looking,


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Just thought I would let everybody know I added some pictures above

thats nice lookin

adarkang nice looking eddie you got there i give it 2 thumbs up keep up the good work

You can tell it has some lift on it - now you just need the tires for it. Looks good though.


The tires are on order. I just ordered some Mickey Thompson Classic II's 15x8 and I am planning on putting some BFG's 32x11.5x15 on next weekend. Thanks for all the compliments!

What did you do for the two inch lift? and was that the biggest tire you could fit with the lift?