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My 2003 Ranger 'Tremor'


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February 19, 2008
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Houston, Tx
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'93 Sport - '03 Ranger
I posted some of these right after I got the truck but figured I'd put everything in a registry entry.

I have a 2003 3.0L V6 Ranger with the Tremor audio package. Bought it last month with 96K miles for $4100.

I dig the honeycomb grill. It looks alot better than the new Ford grills.



I'm sure in 03 this deck was top of the line, now its good to have the cassette adapter for my ipod but looks a little dated.


The Pioneer Tremor logo on the cover of the 10'' subwoofer installed in the rear of the cab:


And another view of the ****pit, from the co-pilot seat:


My Ranger parked next to my father-in-law's F250 Powerstroke 4X4:


Freshly washed & detailed:


Just about everything on my truck is factory. I'm hoping that soon I can replace the pop-in bedliner with a spray on. I'd also like to replace the factory deck with a new one. One that works with my ipod of course.
I'll update the fotos as changes are made, let me know what you guys think.

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I like it. A nice, black, CLEAN, ranger, very rare! lol

When you look into radios, I'd possibly look at getting a regular sized radio, and then you can install the pocket storage bin they have for the double vin locations so you can store your ipod outta site. This way you can control the ipod via the radio, but still use the ipod... if that makes sense.

yeah, i was looking into a single DIN model to possibly fit my CB in the dash under the radio. not sure yet. either way the ipod is a must have. i get tired of the same three songs regular radio rotates all day

looks nice keep up the good work r u planning on doing mods to it

just a little update - having the rearend replaced & should be ready in the morning.