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My 2003 X registry

Ok, so I really haven't even posted pix, this is a work in progress and today I intend to make some great progress.

My 2003 Explorer a few days after I got it was able to wash it

Day 1 got the windshield replaced and found out the fuel system was wrong some where, more to come on that later.

This weekend I rewired my 12v center console, and replaced the missing console mats with some auto carpeting. Also I removed the face plate of the radio, painted it white to make it "mine". I've painted quite a few things, this seemed to need more prep work than other things in the past I've done.


These threads helped SO much when it came to pulling apart the dash:
To be continued...

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Few more pix, the week I got it:



As of the day I purchased it here is what is needed:
Issues ~

-P side front Spring broken
-Air bag light stays on sometimes
-Air sensor code
-Flywheel need replaced
-Back door p-side has a small outbreak of rust

-4 matching tires (Fixed) $120 and $220
-Upper and lower control arms (included fuel filter and belt) $530
-Windshield (fixed) $100
-12v plug not working (fixed) $5
-Starter grinds (in progress)
-Power steer fluid over filled and smelled like horrid cat piss (fixed twice)
-Changed oil to Full Synthetic $22
-Changed sparkplugs $25
-Flushed radiator ($3 Flush $28 for coolant/antifreeze)
-Bar's Leak Head Gasket and Coolant Sealer $32
-P-Side front wheel bearing - Front 4x4 axle seal replaced $300
-Front Sway bar linkage and bushings, $55
-Front and rear U-Joints to the rear wheel drive axle $18
-Changed rear diff. fluid (Mobil 1 and additive) $55
-Moon roof leaks, either seal or tubes, will be a weekend job (free)
-Complete fuel pump replaced $600
-Broken starter wire and replaced the hood struts $255
-Cracked manifold $765
-Alternator $135
-IAC $70
-Thermostat resistor $25

-Shorty Antenna $9
-Bug Shield $50
-Flowmaster 44 Series $140 (total installed) had exhaust leak

Running total $3600

More to come?:eek:

##Edited 7-13-15 updates

This weekend I got lots done, took me longer than I wanted or expected.

I changed the plugs to Motorcraft Platnium, the old were BAD and different. Some were pure white, others baby blue paint and different numbers. Good thing I did this. Wasn't hard at all.

I also changed my oil to pure synthetic, Why? I wanted too. I'm not big on the oil blow bye. Worst part of this experience? My oil catch pan had a whole in it :eek: and now it is all over my garage floor! :thumbdwn:

I put on my shorty antenna

I also received my bug deflector.



Flushed and changed my antifreeze. Found a great thread here which really was helpful.
I did use this FLUSH

I rinsed it an extra time, (one more time that the product called for) filled it with WAY more antifreeze than needed and drove for close to 20 minutes.
Tomorrow I will drain some of the extra antifreeze and add more water to balance it out.

I also changed out the power steering fluid. The system I used was:
-Top off current fluid with Seafoam trans tune and ran the wheels back and forth a few times.
-Drain while running and add immediately new product. (I went with a cheap product while doing the initial steps.)
-All in all, it took me about a gallon to make the new product run red. Why? I wanted it perfect.
When I purchased the X, the power steering was a bit slow to react and jerky.
During my ride to check the coolant, the power steering was smooth as silk.


Puzzled Thread here
Since I've got it, it is a slow start. 3 to 4 cranks most times, many times is much more. Sometimes I have to stop cranking and start over.

I've replaced the fuel filter, added new gas and Techron to the tank, had the fuel pump checked and according to the mechanic, the pump is well within tolerance of filling. Battery is solid and starter cranks pretty decent.

There is no difference when it is cold or warm. One time it will start right away and the next it will take me a second turn.

**as of now, what seems to be working OK, is for me to get in, turn the key let the gauges do their thing and pump the gas pedal a bit. I can get it to start like that quicker.

More to come on this...

Looks good:thumbsup:

Sorry for the delay in posting, more on the reason later.
My Flowmaster arrived. I purchased it brand new shipped for $62. It was a 44 series.



A local shop installed it for $70...he also replaced the pipe from the flange at the Cats to a foot behind the exhaust due to the size difference of the stock.

I love the sound it is mellow and has JUST enough to make it sound different and better...well anything is better than exhaust/muffler leak.

This is before: (click on picture to play video)

This is with the Flowmasters: (click on picture to play video)

More after I get some time to break them in a bit, they are new.
Feedback would be great.

It snowed here in Michigan and we got a few inches. I took my kids playing in the 4 wheel drive. (sorry no pics) I heard a loud thump in the front P side area. I slowly drove home and seen what I could find.

The front axle was leaking fluid from EVERYWHERE. I'm a pretty big 4x4 newb! On top of that, I seen lots and lots of foam in my radiator overflow system. WTF I just changed that.

A decision has to be made, I can't keep dumping money into this 'used' ride and still not trust it.

I did some research and found that I probably have a blown head gasket, but that is NEW so it can't be bad. The chemicals they have out now should be able to take care of that. But before I drop the $40 on that I take it to a trans guy I've dealt with LOTS in the past.

Long story short, it spends a week(5 days) there for one excuse or another as to why it isn't being looked at or fixed yet and comes out with a $300 bill due for a front axle seal being bad and a worn out wheel bearing. It was either let them fix it or pay a $120 diagnostic fee so after that and part + frustrations, the $300 was the easy route.
NEVER will I go back to them again.

After the test drive I find that when you turn in 4 wheel drive it makes an ugly noise even after the 'seal fix' that I had done. Straight line it pulls hard and feels good. Any clues on what could be going on?

Get the truck home Fri afternoon, Saturday I get the awful flu that is going around. Today the 25th is my 1st day being strong enough to sit up. I have no further news on the head gasket or other issues.

Here is the sealer I found: On sale for $32 (half it's normal price)

more to come, I guess...:eek:

We ran into a few issues. The wife was driving the Ex due to the amount of snow we've had. She told me there was a thump.

Something was really thumping. Rythamitaclly like hitting street lines on a feeway. Only when my foot was off that gas, so under no power. I did some research and took it to my mechanic. We came to the conclusion it was the U-joints. He wanted way to much to change them. Before I left he said it might be the sway bar, the bushings were in bad shape.

1-24-14 I called a buddy who has a lift, we are going to do the sway bar bushings, U-joints and rear quick struts.

We get the u-joints and sway bar going and finished. We go to start on the quick struts, he leans against the rear tire D-side and thump. We look, all of the lug nuts are loose. Hand loose! So me, my buddy, a mechanic and who knows how long it was going on were the culprit of my thumping in the rear tire area.

Good news is I saved close to $800 doing all the work myself.
Bad news is I felt like a jack a$$ for not checking the tires when the thumping happened.

nice x

I've been doing some mileage watching so far with the X. It's hard to really gauge what my MPG are being that I start it in the AM to take the kids to school in a warm car and that this winter has caused me to be in 4x4 mode constantly.

My tracking so far:
12.4 MPG
11.3 MPG
14.2 MPG
11.5 MPG
13.0 MPG

So far I've averaged about 12.5 which isn't bad, I'd like to see better, alot better but for around town in 4x4 is pretty cool.
[MENTION=1775]Sam[/MENTION]s01 thank you for the comments!

I've recently purchased an '03 Ex XLT V8 4x4 and my last tank netted me 13.2 MPG with 85% city driving.

Updated main page.

Well, slow start got awfully worse. Had to get it changed and didn't have the time or place to do it. Some say it's a simple job but I didn't have the facilities to fix it if something went wrong.

Total was $616 installed including a fuel filter.

Also, I changed the oil and the filter and to my surprise the called for and stock filter are not the correct one. As I dug deeper there are 2 types that can fit. So make sure you check yourself.

**starts immediately and everytime.

Been a bit since I posted. Really the X is running great (and every time I say that I have to fix it). I didn't get nearly what I wanted to done this summer and only had one issue. Well, a few I guess but those got dealt with.

I got a great set of AT tires (Pictures), I was in Chicago and the starter wire broke so I had to get that towed and fixed, new hood struts and new front OEM brakes.

All in all, I really am happy with it.



My lil guy hanging out in the truck.

So again, it's been a while but I got some issues fixed and well, others not so much.

I was leaking coolant horribly and I couldn't find out where. I had to take it to the dealer and they found the crack, it was in the head manifold. Cracked over the top of 3 different cylinders and one was broken bad. This lead to me having to change new coil overs and an IAC because it was idling like crap.

After that the alternator went as soon as I got that fixed, the thermostat resistor under the glove box went bad.

All in all, I've got almost as much into the truck as I paid for it...however, if I buy something newer...or different, I will have to dump money into that as well. So for now, it's staying in my driveway and on the road for me.

More later.

The last half of the year last year was a tough one for the X. Gave this explorer to my daughter. She's fell on some hard times so we gave her a break. Still in the family and still at the house.

Ended up getting this (only picuter I've got so far, it snowed about 6" the day after I picked it up)