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My 2004 Explorer

Custom Fuel Lines and Fittings

Finally figured out all the fuel lines and fittings. The inlet is at the right(passenger side) rear.

1 fuel line.JPG
2 fuel line.JPG
3 fuel line.JPG
4 fuel line.JPG
5 fuel line.JPG
6 fuel line.JPG

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Cobra Accufab Plenum

The original Cobra plenum had a two hole throttle plate design. When they made the plenum, they put a dimple on the bottom which would not allow me to cut out the piece in the middle of the two holes. You can see how it would be restrictive to the air coming through the throttlebody.
I picked up an Accufab plenum off eBay, it has an oval opening which will work much better for my custom application.
I had to remove the vacuum port on the back(and plug it) for clearance. At a much later date I plan to go with a dual plate set up, I have a GT500 throttle plate that is drive by wire that I plan to use. For now I want to stay with the stock 4.0L throttlebody until I get used to tuning a drive by wire vehicle.
1 plenum bottom.JPG
2 plenum inside back.JPG
3 Accufab Plenum.JPG
4 Accufab Plenum.JPG

Difference in Plenums

You can see the difference between the two plenums, the Accufab should be much better.

1 plenum.JPG
2 Plenum.JPG

I decided to make a plate out of 1 inch thick aluminum so I could drill it for the 4 needed vacuum ports.
Also wanted to try to put the throttlebody more towards the TPS side (for lack of better wording), to try to get the stock air intake hose to fit.
This made it harder to do, and also made it ugly due to my lack of metal working skills and equipment. If it doesn't allow me to use the factory air intake tube
I will make another one and put the throttlebody more towards the other side.

1 Plate.JPG
2 plate.JPG
3 Plate.JPG
4 plate.JPG
5 plate.JPG

6 plate.JPG

VMP Pulley Hub System

I really like VMP Tuning's pulley hub design. They have six holes to hold the pulley on and have Cobra pulley sizes ranging from 2.5 to 3.3 inches.
The hub fits the Cobra,GT500, and Lighting supercharger shafts since they are all the same diameter.

The real GT500 pulleys are a different design then the Cobra and Lightning, the GT500 pulleys sits back a lot further. I have the Cobra pulley on my 1998 Explorer (with GT500 supercharger), since I needed it to sit further forward for that custom application. For this set up on my 2004, I will again use the Cobra pulleys since I am using the Cobra supercharger. The nice things is I will be able to swap pulleys back and forth between trucks. I have started my collection of different pulley sizes and have a 2.5, 2.7 and now a 3.3 for low boost (What?).

I plan to start off with low boost until I get used to tuning this drive by wire vehicle.

7 pulley hub.JPG

crap. if you needed a elbow i still have the stock cobra one kicking around that was polished and i cant use. it doesnt have the bump or any of the other things in the way. i would have even gave it to you

Now you tell me! LOL.
If it doesn't have the bump or other things in the way it may be an Accufab plenum?
Might be worth 100 bucks on eBay.

Now you tell me! LOL.
If it doesn't have the bump or other things in the way it may be an Accufab plenum?
Might be worth 100 bucks on eBay.

it came on the blower i brought back for bluka the last time i was down there. he didnt need or want it so he gave it to me. i couldnt even find anyone that wanted it for 30 bucks on corral lol


That is a polished Accufab Plenum, I can tell by the slot for the IAC.
I got the same thing but not polished.
They are made for the Accufab throttle body to adapt it to the Cobra supercharger.

Made all the gaskets I needed for this setup, hope to test fit the system on the truck again soon!
These are all the templates I made first, now I just trace and copy them to make new gaskets when needed.


Supercharger Bypass Plate

I saw that my Cobra Supercharger Bypass plate was worn, I had another from an external bypass I had laying around.
Swapped it out, used thread locker blue and crimped the screws after installing.
The second picture is what it should look like with a good plate in it, I did not get a picture of what the worn plate looked like installed but you can imagine.
The supercharger is back together and all sealed up. Next weekend I will add fluid and hopefully test fit it again on the truck.

3 Bypass plate.JPG
4 Bypass plate.JPG

Forgot to post that I cut the snout on the Cobra supercharger to fit smaller pulleys. I am using a VMP hub and pulleys.
The snout cutter was made for Toyota superchargers by a company in Maryland, I forget the name.

5 Snout.JPG

how much do you figure you cut off of it, and how tight are you going to make the belt? i want to do that but i am worried i will crack the snout over time and the belt that i have on now is so tight that i have to use a breaker bar with a pipe on the end for the tensioner, and i have to loosen the alt when i put it on. then when i take the bar off, the tensioner says in the same place lol

I cut 16mm from front to back into the snout, I don't know how much in diameter I took off.
The outside diameter is now 51.5mm or about 2 1/32, you could measure you stock one and see where it is at.
I don't know if it will hold, it may break. If it does maybe I will get a new water cooled snout from Stiegemeier as an upgrade.
Here is hoping it lasts!

Test fitting the Cobra Supercharger again!

Cobra M112 on a 2004 Explorer 4.0L SOHC
It runs!

2004 Explorer Cobra Supercharger.JPG


curious why you went through all of this work for the 4.0 V6 Exploding motor.. Why not the 4.6 V8 ?

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Truck came with the 4.0 sohc, if it came with the 4.6 I might have gone another direction.
I do have to go through state inspection once every 2 years also, I don't know how hard it would be to get it passed with a V8 swap. Might not even be possible.

The hood closes. lol.
Should have made a video of that first I guess. lol