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My 2004 Explorer

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So the notes in Advantage3 we can not take for face value all the time.
When the vehicles calculated Baro, the notes were correct that said to set values to 27 or whatever.
When vehicles have changing characteristics the notes may not apply anymore.

I just got all my monitors to run except Evap which always seems to run last anyway.
New problem, my scanner picked up a P0606 which is a ram or rom failure in the PCM.
This code sets from rewriting the tune in the PCM and will not turn the check engine light on.
It may however show up when getting inspected and draw attention to the vehicle.

I just turned off the PCM's ability to set that code and had previously turned off another one (P0605 I think).
So now the PCM can not set codes for Ram and Rom failures.

Time to drive it some more to get the monitors ready again.....

Lol. you sure get deep in the programming.

How do you get that p100 off? it just doesn't seem easy to use the correct driving styles to get all the pcm tests to run.

Lol. you sure get deep in the programming.

How do you get that p100 off? it just doesn't seem easy to use the correct driving styles to get all the pcm tests to run.
Some vehicles are harder than others to make that P1000 go away.
Mine is still there and will be until the evap monitor runs but where I am at it doesn't matter.
I am allowed 1 not ready monitor on my 2004, and my 1998's are allowed 2 not readys.
There are PDF files from Ford that talk about the drive cycle and the conditions that are necessary to run the monitors.
EGR likes stop and go traffic, the Cat monitors like steady state driving but need it to happen at three different throttle percentages.
The list goes on...
If you find and download the PDF files, it is a good read.
The one for my 2004 is titled 2004 MY OBD System Operation Summary for Gasoline Engines.

I got my sticker.
I can sleep at night now, for 2 years.
I wonder why the Baro reading in my cheap Wal-Mart scan tool was showing 15.1?
Truck seems to have a low idle after starting, definitely effects of the baro reading being different from when it was locked at a higher number.
I will play around with it when I have more time.

I just reloaded the tune with min and max Baro altered and Baro on the cheap scan tool read 14.2
While experimenting I had set them to Max - 30.50 and Min - 29
(I previously had them at 27,29, and even 30 for both and EGR never worked)
So the 14.2 and the 15.1 I am getting leads me to believe the reading is to be added to 14.7 to equal real Baro/Atmospheric pressure?
That would have given me 28.9 and 29.8 while today according to my iphone the pressure is 30.

It has been warm for two days, last night was around 60F.
So I was able to work on the truck and get it inspected and now it is getting cold again.
Tuesday is even calling for snow again.
For now I am going to get back to working on my house since it is cold out, the trucks will get all my attention when it warms up.

This truck has been running and driving great, and I love the extra passing power it makes.
The sad things is I don't like driving this truck because I can not get comfortable in it.
The truck feels like it is too big for me.
I have a 42 mile ride to work and another 42 miles to get home.
In my 1998 4 door I can rest my arm on the door but this 2004 I can not.
Try holding your arm out stretched for 45 minutes to an hour, it gets tiresome LOL.

Anyway, my plan is to find a vehicle to replace my 1998 that is rotting out and another to replace this vehicle, then this truck goes up for sale.
I may sell it with or without the supercharger set up, don't know yet.

Just make the steering column telescope like it was meant too. Bet that would help.

Also, LOL on the truck being "too big"! I'm used to full SUV size, mine feels tiny! :laugh:

Got a couple of days off and decided to get some vehicle work done.
Started out with the oil change, didn't even have 3,000 miles on it since last one. LOL. Good to November now.

I have had an intermittent alternator light coming on, and when it comes on the alternator still charges fine. Go figure.
In the past I have learned that wiggling the single grey wire to the alternator makes the light go out for a while (like months sometimes).
So today I replaced the connector. (alternator was replaced a while back).

IMG_2398 - Copy.JPG

After replacing the alternator connector I mounted a left foot pedal on the drivers side lick panel.
I attached it securely to the parking brake assembly.
Now I have a place to rest my left foot, maybe I will like driving this truck better now.
The parking brake doesn't hit it either.


So after rotating the tires and reprograming the TPMS's, I went to shut the hood and I heard something fall down the front of the truck.
My first thought was I left something under there.
After finding nothing I went to close the hood again and it would not close!
Turns out this spring rotted away and broke, what a crappy design.
I found an old brake spring (off a dodge 600ES) laying around that I have had for about 20 something years and made it work for now.
I will be looking for a latch assembly I guess.


Cool. I like that hood release at the kick panel. Which do you prefer, since you've had both now?

Cool. I like that hood release at the kick panel. Which do you prefer, since you've had both now?

I like the 2004 hood release on the kick panel better than the ones under the dash on my 98's.
The 2004 is easier to reach, seems effortless.
There are a bunch of things I like about this 2004 better than the older Explorers, but not the size.
Guess larger people were complaining that the older Explorers were to small, (they could have just got Expeditions) and Ford built the next generation bigger.

Some things I like better,
First thing I have to mention is working on it seems easier. The transmission and transfercase are easier to pull out while still together.
(doing that on a 98 is not easy). There seems to be more room to get your hands in places, must go with the Explorer being bigger I guess.
Even the hood latch came out without too much trouble yesterday.

Then there is the independent rear suspension, The 2004 definitely rides better over bumpy roads.
The suspension seems to suck up dips and bumps that would rattle your teeth loose in the 98's.

Tire pressure monitors, a cool feature.
I didn't know if I would like them, I thought to myself "oh great another things to go wrong."
Then one day the light came on before I left my driveway and I found a nail in my tire and was able to fix it before heading out.
Driving on tires with low pressure causes bad things to happen so this saved me, now I am sold on the tire pressure monitor system.

There seems to be more room in the back, again must go with the Explorer being bigger.
I found it easy to get four 31X10.5 15 tires for my Ranger, in the back of the 2004 Ex.
That was also with my speaker box that has two 12 inch Kenwood's in it.

The next time I drive it too work(42 miles) I will find out if having a new left foot pedal helps me change my mind about driving this Ex longer distances.

I'm glad you like the 2004 for those reasons. I'm sure I would too if I could live with the looks. I just don't like the 3rd or 4th gen's, Ford seems to go the wrong way in appearance/design half of the time. I love the 94-98 Mustangs, but haven't like any since 1970, and the newer don't thrill me until they got back to the looks of the old pre-71's. I'd love to have a newer car, but I've got enough cars that satisfy me as they are.

The tire pressure monitor system can now be bought as a cheap add on. Many cheap brands have poor reception of the signals, but the idea is great. I have one that I'll put in my 99 soon, the receiver plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet, and the sensors screw on to the valve stems. Small, about $75, we'll see.

The passenger side inner tie rod had some play in it so I replaced it today.
Used a moog part of course.

This big wrench I bought for cooling fans works great for tie rod ends too.

IMG_2417 - Copy.JPG

Today I changed the oil and installed a Fumoto Valve in place of the drain plug.
They make oil changes so much easier.
It is not the fact that you don't need a socket and ratchet anymore that drives me to install these, It is being able to attach a hose to the Fumoto valve nipple and direct the oil into the oil drain where it belongs.

I also installed a new Ford Hood latch and put the old one in my garage for back up purposes.

IMG_2714 - Copy.JPG


Wow, how time fly's! Last post on this truck was back in 2018.
I finally got around to upgrading my front brake system with the Aviator front spindles, calipers, and brake pads.
Bought new rotors and pads from Advance Auto for around $163.00
I really trashed the last brakes and rotors I had on there and needed them anyway, had bad brake fade and warped the rotors.





Spindle comparison. Lincoln Aviator on left, Explorer on right.


I took this truck to Atco Dragway today. I thought it was going to run 17's.
Did a little better than that. It's still slow, lol.


Here is what it looks like from just inside the windshield.


My first run was this time slip below. I'm left lane.
15.20,15.03, and 15.17 so it is still slow. LOL.
Had fun today though!


Not bad for 8lbs of boost.

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Your a brave man driving to the track, hammering on one of your Daily Drivers, and driving back. Stresses me thinking about it. I'm sure you were cautious with the tune, no need to blow up over a few 10th's of a second. Nice you can still run at the track, were getting ready for an inch or so of snow tomorrow.