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My 2005 Explorer V.4.0 - "Back Country Dirt Road Explorer"

Guess I'll start a registry to document my rig.

This is my 4th Explorer. Had a 93, 01 and a 98, previously. First two were family rigs, both 4x4's but mostly a pavement pounder's. The 98 was a 2wd and what I call a transition rig. I needed to make some choices and gave up my 08 Bullitt Mustang and bought my parents 98 and had it for about 8 months. A few months ago after things leveled out and a road trip to Texas, I decided I wanted a 4x4 SUV again and wanted to build a mild rig for...well...exploring. I've got a 2000 F350 that's modded ans lifted but it's too big for some of the places I want to go.

I found this 05 on CL. It had 52K miles and was a former Gov't rig that served it's time in the federal fleet in Cali. I bought it from an older guy who buys a few rigs a year at GA auctions and resells them at a reasonable cost. It's an XLS so it's nothing fancy which is right down my alley. Seemed like a good candidate for my plans. This rig must of lived an easy life for the most part. Other than a few minor cosmetic blemishes, it looks pretty new. It still has "new car smell".

So far I've changed out the stereo for a Kenwood with ipod controls, got a Fusion key FOB, a fomoto oil drain valve, and just installed some Rancho Quicklifts all around.

Her is she is in stock form...

Here she is with the Quicklifts installed...

And here are a few accessories...



I plan to get some new wheels and 265/75's. Maybe a 1.5" body lift if the quickllifts aren't enough, and probably some intake and exhaust mods. My plan is to build something better than stock to run around the back country dirt roads of Oregon and beyond. I don't need anything extreme, just something reliable and comfortable that is easy to wheel around.

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. I don't need anything extreme, just something reliable and comfortable that is easy to wheel around.

Just quoting this. We'll check back in a year or so and see if your sticking to it (check my registry for an example).

Ouch...Looks like you've has some "issues". Can't say I've had the same experience with the ford's I've had. All have been great rigs... Most driven past 130 to 150K miles. Only reason I got rid of them was for the want of something newer or the need for more heft. :dunno:

Welcome from a fellow Oregonian!

Welcome from a fellow Oregonian!

Thanks! I'm over here in Mac.

Ordered some Soft 8's (16x8) and 265/75 Duratracs this morning. Discount Tire rocks... Got the soft 8's for less than anywhere I could find online by $12/wheel plus $300 in rebates for the package. :D

A couple photo's up in the hills...



Really liking the Rancho's too....

Soft 8's and 265/75-16 Duratracs...




looks awesome man!!