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My 2006 Explorer is running rough


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September 8, 2015
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Clarksville TN
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2006 Ford Explorer
I have a 2006 ford explorer with about 115,000 on it. It is a V-8 Eddi Bauer editon. 4 wheel drive. The porblem that I am having is it runs really rough. I have already changed the spark plugs and one of the coil packs. It started running when I put the Mid grade gas in it. I did some of my research on the internet and it called for the regualr gas. We had to start putting in the high grade gas some time back becasue it was doing the same thing and that seemed to work just fine. But then I put the mid grade in one time and it started running bad again. My check engin light also falshes when i start accelarate on the high way. I do not know where to go know.

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Same thing used to happen to mine. The CEL doesn't stay on, right? So no codes. The only thing that fixed this for me was new plugs and coils. Since you already changed them and one coil, start isolating the other coils one by one. There could also be a defective spark plug. It has happened.


I will give it a try and see what happens

ok so i pulled the codes again

I pulled the codes again and it came back as cylender two random miss fire. I pulled the pulg and it was shot bad. the problem i have is the the pllugs where changed less than a year ago. i do not thing that they should have gone bad that quick. But non the less replacing the plug fixed the issue.