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My 52 Ford F1 On my 2000 4Dr Mounty Frame Build...Thread


September 18, 2015
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Lower Alabama
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1952 Ford Pickup
Today I brought home the 2000 Mounty V8/5.0 2wd that I will use to mount my 1952 Ford F1 Pickup on.
My intentions are to use the Mounty Frame, Front and Rear Suspension, Front and Rear Brakes, V8 5.0 EFI Engine, Transmission, Electronics, Wiring, Fuel System, Fuel Lines, Sway bars, Steering column, ALL Steering components, as well as the EFi computer, upper and lower EFI intake, fuel rails, injectors, injector harness and Fuel Tank along with anything else that I may need from the Mounty.






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That truck is beautiful! And I mean as-is! I hope you don't paint it.

Keep in mind that per forum rules, you need to be an elite member to sell any parts, hence my edit of your post.

no problem.
Yea my main concern is getting it on the mounty frame and getting it running. I have taken way to many apart and never got them back together (i am to ocd and have to have them perfect before putting them back together lol)
this one however is being built to drive and enjoy, I am trying to replicate what a previous member here said that he did, get it done and enjoy it, worry about paint, etc later on.
It should be an interesting build for sure.
what does it cost to be an elite member?

ok so now I am an elite member


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the way i see it, you guys are gonna be sick of me soon, lol

seriously i do plan on spending a lot of time learning from you guys!

I am an old fox body mustang guy, i have built several "P" headed mustangs with Explorer intakes, short blocks.
I had a guy out in Texas doing my cast iron "P" heads with new stainless valves, better springs, etc they were bad azz...but they got sold like all of my mustang items over the last 9 or so years, so NOW i start a more economical project lol

i am sure i will have a ton of questions along the way, I also know of the guy who build the 52 in Jersey with a 99 Explorer, so hopeing i can find that article and learn from that build as well.


Ok well I have put some wrong info on here
My Mountaineer is NOT a 2000 but a 98
Currently I have two cheapo rubber tighten to seal freeze plugs in my block and the way I found this was one still in the package in the center console. With 200,000 plus showing a rebuild is the next order of business.
Anyone know of a really good place to get a 5 angle valve job, etc? I am assuming GT 40 P heads, so I may also gasket match them while I am rebuilding.
Is there suggestions anyone can make or anything to help with power longevity for this old girl?
What transmission will this thing have? How much is a typical rebuild on the trans?
Thanks in advance!!

4r70w. Solid trans.

ok tinkeing with this old Mountaineer tonight trying to get it to crank up and run. after reading a little on the interweb today, I see if the tach moves when it spins over then it undoubtedly has fire.

so... I take the air duct loose from the maf sensor and put a little gas in it and it attempts to run. so I have fire just NO fuel.
It appears that the fuel pump is not running, no buzz when I cycle the key, and it runs when I feed fuel in the throttle body...

next question:
does anyone know where I can find the fuse box layout so I can check the fuse for the fuel pump?

[MENTION=28934]ncranchero[/MENTION], Once again calling on the keeper of the prized diagrams, do you have the wiring diagram for the fuel pump on a 98 Mountaineer?

By the way, this sounds like a cool project!

thanks Hopefully someone will come through with the info.
It ran for a few minutes until the fuel ran out.
the guy I bought it from said they moved it with a fork lift and the fuel pump went out and never worked again...
I saw the right rear shock was damaged but the tank and wiring appear to be untouched
hopefully its a fuel or relay or bad connection.

Explorer was crashed right? Check the inertia switch. If it's not tripped check for 12v at the pink/black wire at the plug to the switch. Power here almost guarantees power to the pump.

I pulled all the fuses and relay and checked it and reinstalled, they seem to be ok.
The guy did say on his Sales add that he believed the fuel pump to be bad, I went back and looked at the add again,
it was hit lightly on the front. Same thing I thought was inertia switch. It has a light on the dash that lets you know its tripped (good info) so it is in the correct position.
it fired up and ran for a few seconds, but I can NOT hear the pump when I cycle the switch due to SOME LOUD DINGING NOISE that some engineer needs his butt kicked for installing without a disconnect lol
no seriously it is hindering me from hearing the pump, working it alone tonight but one day possibly tomorrow I will get my sweet wife to help me with it, or UNPLUGG that dang dinger!!! lol
done for tonight, I will start anew tomorrow after I get off work.
thanks for the help. I may pull the pump and check it this weekend, wouldn't that be sweet if its just a bad pump keeping it from running.

I'll almost guarantee its a bad pump

and you are correct sir!
putting fuel in the intake tract it runs!!!
everything else checked out! so I will be putting a new pump in it or possibly a used one (I am low budget lol) I will do a price breakdown on this whole build when I am done...some ppl may be in shock. I just hope that person is not ME lol

I will do a price breakdown on this whole build when I am done.l

dont do that. in the end you will sit back and think WOW! i could have bought my own private island for the money i just spent on this! hell, i know i dont even want to know how much i spent on my truck in the last year....

I don't know what happened to the post I thought I made last night but I was beat so I may not have finished it. :(
If it sat a few months without being cranked this crappy fuel we have now will FUBAR the fuel pump. The ethanol added sucks! :mad: All of the Fords I've replaced the fuel pump in, a lot, just the pump itself was replaced, not the whole "module".;)
Sounds like you have a solution here but if you do still need the diagram just hit me up.

As vroomzoomboom said, lol, after your first build you learn to never go back and total up your "investment"!

Ok I got a used pump from my buddy out of a 2000 explorer (hope it fits)
Once I get the old pump out I will plug this one in and test before buttoning it all back up.

I really don't have an issue tallying it all up. My objective is to build as cheaply as possible. And enjoy the end result..


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Here is the bolts to remove to take out the tank,
in tank pump was varnished over and the strainer filter was nearly eatin away by the old fuel. Pump was dead!


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