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My 91 Explorer Sport

Joel P.

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June 4, 2019
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Durham, North Carolina
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1991 Ford Explorer Sport
Hello everyone!

My name is Joel I’m new to the forum. A little under 3 years ago I bought a 91 Explorer Sport with about 112,000 miles on it. I’ve put on about 20,000 so far. I bought the car from a gentleman in California near Ventura CA. who inherited the vehicle from his father’s passing. Best money I spent in my life! Besides the hospital bill after my daughter was born of course! Lol

His name is Big Bill named after the original owner. He was a 49’ers fan so the color appealed to him. The Explorer has a salvage title due to a fender bender a little before I bought the car. It’s shame too, but I’m glad this truck never ended up in a junk yard.

About a year after I bought my 91 I meant my soon to be wife and made the move from California to North Carolina, where I live now. The Explorer gave me no problems making the 2,200 mile trip and averaged about 22-23 mpg. Only hiccup was a blown tire in Tennessee. My wife and I honeymooned in the Outer Banks here in N.C. so this car officially has been from coast to coast.

My goal is to one day do a frame off restoration, possibly max out the 4.0 V6 or do the 5.0 V8 swap. Who knows maybe even an electric motor? Currently Bill is almost completely stock. Except the 31” tires and a 2” leveling kit with a K&N cleanable air filter. The new tires dropped the mpg a few miles. I’d love to figure out how to get this car to ride a little smoother, any tips in general are greatly appreciated! I also painter the exterior plastic fender flares, driver side side mirror and wind shield wipers with SEM trim black. Love that stuff! The front and rear bumpers are next.

Currently I’d like to fix the rear wiper. It was working not too long ago, but now when I turn it on it makes a strange noice and doesn’t move, unless I move it up a bit with my hand. Anyone have that issue or know a fix?

I look forward to being an active member here! Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I’ll attach some images with the most recent work (I finally panted the rear tailgate pillars).




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Joel, welcome to the forum. Nice looking Sport. My wife drives a 99 Sport, it is the second 99 Sport she has had. Before that she had a 94 Sport which looked just like yours but in a nice jade green.

Joel, welcome to the forum. Nice looking Sport. My wife drives a 99 Sport, it is the second 99 Sport she has had. Before that she had a 94 Sport which looked just like yours but in a nice jade green.
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Hey Mike!

Thank you for the welcome! Aww she’s a beaut! My first car was a Green 99 Explorer Sport with Tan interior. I’d probably be driving it today had it not got hit and totaled from behind while parked on a rainy day about 15 years ago.

Can’t say enough good things about these cars. So glad there is a community who love them as well. It’s been a joy to work on this truck little by little. Do you know if there is a parts forum?

Thanks again Mike! It’s a pleasure to meet you.


Joel, is there a specific part you are looking for?.