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April 29, 2012
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1991 ford explorer
My 1991 explorer is posessed i swear! my engine idles rough shaking the whole car and emits black smoke from the tail pipe when i start it that smells horrible and has now painted my curb black. also my volts jump from 10-13 while its warming up and when driving at temperature. when i come to a stop the engine slows way down, the volts dip and wants to die, 1/2 the time it does, but if im at a light for a while with my foot on the brakes my truck wants to lurch forward when my volts spike at 13 and if im not heavy on the brakes i jump forward. when i give it gas at a light, theres a 1 second delay where the engine recieves no power, then it jumps forward with more gas than i gave it and proceeds to jump or lurch forward, almost jerking as my volts spike and dip. at a speed around 45 i cant feel the jumping as severely but my volts still go crazy. in addition to the truck jumping or jerking at acceleration, i can see the black cloud from my truck in the mirror.

any knowledge on this would greatly help and be appreciated. im afraid to drive it cuz at lights and stops i feel im either gonna hit the guy in front of me when it lurches, or be rear ended when i lose power at acceleration, and the black smoke worries me.

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What have you done to try to remedy this? Any parts replaced? When was the last time it had a tune up--new plugs--wires-fuel system cleaning?

1) Does the "check engine" light illuminate when you turn the key on?

2) Does it turn off when the truck is running, or does it stay lit?

Welcome to the Site , If You could give us more info , mileage , Whens The last Time It Had Any kind of Maintenance Or Replaced Parts , Then More People Can Chime In And Help . For One thing , Check Your Battery Terminals First As Ive Heard Of the Voltage Spike And Lurching At Stop Signs Before , There Terminals Were Very Corroded And Dirty , Check The Actual Wiring Going into Battery Terminal as well As All Fuses Under The Hood , For The Black Smoke issue Maybe It Needs a Good Tune up And Good New Parts

its got about 120,000 miles on it. i recently replaced the alternator and thats when i started having trouble with the volts and black smoke and lurching, i checked the alt and it seems fine, the battery is brand new, but the posts were a little small so my bro cranked the terminals down, it makes full connection but one terminal is cracked. the check engine lights turns on imediately when i turn the truck on, and stays on till i turn it off. i had a tune up last year but i may need a new one. how do i find out if the cat is plugged?