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My 91 rocks!

Hi all, Eric Esch here, Phoenix, Az. Used to be brainwashed by Jeep untill my YJ was stolen and I bought a 91 ExplorerXLT 5 speed manual. It has outperformed my Jeep on every trail that they both ran. I have run it stock on trails rated 4.0 out of 5. Love it! Added 31" tires with no lift and get almost no rub. My next new (if I ever need another) 4x4 will be the same. Have a 6 inch lift and soa going on this next weekend.

[email protected] If you are in the Phoenix area and want to run, email me

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June 18, 2001
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Santa Cruz, Ca
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'94 XLT
Welcome to the site. Always good to see a heep owner switch to ford. Just wait till the mod bug really bites you.