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My '91 X

Hey all. My name is Tammy Smith. I am from Kuna, Idaho. I bought my '91 Explorer just around a month or so ago and am loving it. It needed alot of fixin' up, still does, but I really am enjoying doing so on my own. I joined this club right after I bought it, and am glad I found this site! Sooo much to offer in way of helping with fixing up and such....
My X is a '91, 4.0L V6, XLT. 5 Speed Tranny, Red/Black with grey cloth interior. Its a bit beat up both in and out, but overall in fairly decent shape. I've had to replace ALL the fluids in it, obviously as I had NO clue what had been done to it as the guy I bought it from got it at an auction so he didn't have the history of it. Had to have shocks done, front wheel bearings, rear axle seals, rear brakes. STILL needs fuel filter change, coil spring isolators, radius arm bushings for the front, TIRES TIRES TIRES LOL! The tires on him now are old de-studded snow tires....that leak air slowly and most of the tread is gone.
On the way is a rear cargo cover (Thanks Joe!).
I've replaced: left rear window regulator/motor, power mirror switch, cigarette lighter, turn signal switch, rear wiper motor, both front headlight bulbs, both rear license plate bulbs (which both need new housings bleh). I would like to do some more fixin' up, but right now can't afford it. He can really use a carpet shampoo, some new headlights, foglights, NEW STEREO for sure lol (has stock stereo). Those are the major things that I can think of right now.
Anyways, thanks for the welcome everyone I hope to be a big part of this board when I get my $$ to join the elite club :) hehe.



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...Wow..:eek:...It is really nice to see what you are working on and the paint looks in great condition...:biggthump

..I personally like the stewie mod...;)

Glad to see Stuie is your co-pilot! lol

LMAO! I love that part too hehe. Stewie was my husband's, but I stole him for myself teehee. I need to find some suction cups or something I can use to stick him to my window lol.

Very nice!! I really like those cloth seats, dunno why. Maybe because in 100+ weather and 80%+ humidity leather seats loose their appeal. Can you say HOT!!!

LOL. As for stewie you better not let him drive...or that Ex will be a new addition in a junkyard :p :D

Nope, not lettin' stewie do the drivin'!
Yeah, I like cloth compared to leather, i have leather seats in my 03 mach 1 mustang and they SUCK in the hot sunshine!! Those seats and the carpet really could use some new cloth tho. How hard is it to uninstall/reinstall carpet?

Well, you are going to have to tear everything out minus the dash and side paneling. The seats and center console have to go, as well as your shifter floor plate. Also the little hooks in the cargo area for that cargo net.

The biggest issue is cost. New carpet can get expensive REAL fast. I have seen on here though where somebody used plastic trim paint on the carpet and it worked like a dye. That might be a cheaper option.

BTW, my tan carpet looks a heckava lot worse than yours. The carpet on the tranny hump has its own color now from all the spilled drinks. Stupid shallow cup holders!!

I see. I wasn't sure if getting new carpet would be an option or not...I mean, its really not that bad, but I notice every little thing lol. Guess I can just try spot cleaning..

Very clean and nice ex for being almost 19 years old. Good luck with furture repairs and mods.


Thank you! I was really amazed at how well-preserved the body is, despite its age. I mean, yeah sure there are nicks and dings all over the place, what vehicle doesn't have that anymore...but surprisingly things are pretty straight. Just minor issues with neglect from the previous owners that I'm having to deal with now.
I think I'm gonna end up having to get a new clutch sooner rather than later as reverse seems to want to grind no matter what I do. BAH! N O T looking forward to that repair, as I've not done a clutch yet.