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My 91 xlt 2dr

My 91 XL 2dr

This is my 91 xl 2door 4x4. I am 17 live in NY and havne't done anything as of yet, except for a kicking audio system and a kkm,

tell me what you think!


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i'm thinking about a KKM, let me know what it does for MPG & performance. all i upgraded so far was the audio. actually i change my system about every 6 months, so i usually dont have $$ left over for performance mods. oh well

looks good man. take the running boards off! better clearence, and get bigger tires and rims!

thanks I want better rims and tires... I thought about taking the running boards off.... I might... But I am afraid of rust. living in NY and all


Hey I am considering getting the KKM true-rev for my explorer. I was wondering if you could tell me what differences it has made to your explorer. Like sound, performance or whatever.

Erik Smith ( )

An update on my vehicle!


Rhinoline the rocker panels, that should help keep the rust from forming...

That's what I am gonna do on my 94 cause the paint is starting to come off. Too many Chicago winters and being kept outside all of the time.


well actually I was gunna herculine it.... but I still need to buy the stuff