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my 92 EB 4x4!

Here are some pics of my x! Paid $500 for it from my moms car lot.
92 EB 4x4 x 4 door, automatic,129,x..
here what i have done to it so far.
tires- $444.89
brakes and all- $300
fuel filter & air filter- $15
new belt, wires, exhaust, coolant flush- $130
thats a total of $1389.89 with buyn the car

It still needs new hubs or some good used ones and need the RA bushings fixed. i get about 20 mpg. well here are some pics of the X.

Thats my cuzn no me. Just wanted to see what kind of flex it had. pretty impressed with it on this slope i can drive up and over this in just 2wd.




Cant wait to start doin some suspension work and wheels and tires. hope you enjoy. James

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nice x

Thanks! appreciate it

Nice mate, Got a bargain there!

heres a lil update on my x. today i went to the junkyard for a cup holder w/2 cup spots and found one for what i had it my pocket!! witch was about $7.xx. i just recently installed my stereo system and got some floor mates in. not much of a update but i will be adding some more pics up later today when i get a camera.

here are some more pics




hope u enjoy the pics have more comeing later today. James

Love your truck!

Here are some more pics of the X hope u all enjoy them.






I even have a eddie baurer car seat with the X!!!!!!!!


How do u get these and what years did they come in or any info on this?