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My 92 Explorer

It wasn't long after I found this site that I fell in love with the 1st Gen Explorers, and I took to seeking one out almost immediately. I looked around for a little while at a few on Craigslist and wasn't really impressed by the selection. Most of what I found would have left a hole in my pocket before I ever got comfortable on the road, and after reading "I'm 16 What Mods Should I Make To My Explorer" in the FAQ section, I decided it's best to look for something more affordable (I'm 22 though, not 16)

Then it happened.


I knew the instant I saw this 4x4 92 Explorer Sport: I'd buy it. With a recently rebuilt transmission, a full set of new tires, new brake pads and seals, new rear differentials, new bearings, and a fresh set of shocks, I got this baby for $2000. I've been told i paid too much (the odo is at 238k) BUT it's in great cosmetic and functional condition with only a couple things I'll have to put money into (right away). The AC needs recharging because the previous owner drove it mostly while he was in Alaska, so it wasn't really needed. He's a Harley Davidson man at heart and always rode his bike during the summer. The Expy's AC didn't see a lot of love.

I likely won't do much wheeling in this thing for now. I'm in school, and work roughly 30 hours a week, so I'm spread thin as it is. However, during the summer I'd like to get a lift and some slightly bigger wheels to give her a bit of a meaner look. It'll be a daily driver, first and foremost, but i wouldn't mind being able to tear up a little mud or rock every now and then. It is a 4x4, after all.

If anyone has some cool ideas for affordable mods or any information toward the cause of keeping her running for as long as possible, I'm all eyes.
I'm still learning a lot about vehicles in general and am open to the advice of my fellow Explorer lovers! I'm gonna do my best to put up pictures of the progress I make and look forward to hearing what you all have to say! Thanks, and see you on the forums.

(PS: I'm still open to name suggestions!)